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gonilinerase Aug 11 '16

HOW YOU KNOW HERKikuchi, 26, played the troubled deaf girl Golden Goose Women Sneakers in 2006's Babel.

BEAUTY AND THE EAST"Skin Golden Goose Women Superstar Sneakers is important for Japanese women鈥攆or it to be smooth and lovely, whitish. I put a lot of moisturizer on my face."

SURPRISE BEAUTY SECRET"Miso soup. I drink it even when I am far away from Japan. I Golden Goose Women Francy Sneakers take a pack of the miso powder with me. There are a lot of minerals in the soup."

HOW SHE PREPPED FOR HER NUDE SCENES IN BABEL"I didn't do anything. If I took a role in the future that needed muscle training, I would be very happy to go to the gym and to exercise very hard. But I don't choose to."

HOW YOU KNOW HIMSpencer, 28, plays the eager Dr. Robert Golden Goose Slide Chase on FOX's House.

BEAUTY DOWN UNDER"The only thing Australian kids are told to do to is, wear zinc cream. When I was young, I got it in browns and greens, and I'd go to the beach with a camo face."

IDEAL STYLESpencer's fianc茅e (and House costar), Jennifer Morrison, "would like me in a Golden Goose Men Sneakers Sale sort of schoolboy look, with a shirt and tie, sneakers and glasses."

SCENTS OF PURPOSE"I wear cologne every day. Right now I'm wearing Signature from Kenneth Cole; Jen Golden Goose Women Starter Sneakers Sale loves it."


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