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From 16th to 18th of November, 2016, the second Global Lift &Escalator Expo was held in the capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka. This expo is the most influential global professional China Elevator - fujihd.net - expo in Bangladesh and surrounding area. In the recently years, Bangladesh has a rapid increasing of economic with a annual economic growth rate of 6%. The capital Dhaka and and some major cities have a more presents multiply trend in the economy. Along with the rapid development of urbanization, Dhaka -fastest-growing cities in the world witnessed the prosperity of the residential and commercial buildings. As people pay increasing attention to awareness of quality, energy saving, safe, beautiful and efficiency, the demand for elevators and escalators has become a new opportunity for its growth and enlargement of its business scope. It is reported that Bangladesh has a total elevator market demand for more than 20000 units. Based on this, Fujihd elevator participated the elevator expo under meticulously prophase preparation, with the accompany of the international trade department jointly and local agent in Bangladesh group.

During the exhibition, we totally received dozens of customer representatives comes from different countries, including emerging economic community in South Asia, the Middle East and African countries. Fujihd elevator won praise and trust of customers from all over the world during the exhibition with perfect escalator product design concept and perfect after-sales service system. Some correspondents signed a cooperation intention and order contract on the spot.

It is reported, China elevator company- Fujihd Elevator Company Offer Different Types of Elevators export has completed the set goal of beginning 2016. Thanks to the emphasis of company on foreign markets and investment, our company has already participated in several professional elevator exhibition held in abroad to expanding the influence of Fujihd brand. "Lifting the world with ease" has already become a resounding international publicity slogans of Fujihd. Fujihd elevator will continue to keep the growth situation of the export market and win more and more trust and support of customers all over the world!

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