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FH3 Credits Xbox planning lead Albert Penello says that the additional CPU and GPU enables HDR but will have "literally no impact" on the performance of games. "When we made changes to the box for 4K we unlocked a little bit more processing power to enable HDR. That it. Mazda at The FADER FORTMazda will be returning to The FADER FORT presented by Converse in 2015 offering show goers a chance to check out the all new 2016 Mazda CX 3. The FADER FORT will be housing a special VIP Lounge near the front of the stage for Mazda owners who show their Mazda key. There will also be fun party type games and a giant chalkboard so VIPs can create their own art for all to see.

The company recently announced it was picking up LinkedIn and also used E3 to further fuse Xbox and Windows.For one the company's Siri like virtual assistant Cortana (who actually came from the Halo games) is now going to be available on Xbox One.Secondly the company is pushing what it calls "Play Anywhere" meaning you can play your Xbox games on the console or through Windows 10. What's more players on different devices (a PC buy FH3 Credits laptop or tablet) could conceivably be playing against people using an Xbox console. Like one big happy Microsoft family.How to watch the E3 2016 video game conference LIVE on YouTubeInternational Space StationNASA astronaut Peggy Whitson makes history as she takes command of International Space StationWhitson 57 becomes the first two time female commander of the ISS and holds the record for the most time spent in space by a womanRobotsBig Brother style employee monitoring robots and NO retirement how the workplace of the future could lookThe average workplace is changing in lots of ways but fear not because executive coach Dean Williams has some advice for what you can do to prepareAppsMan leaves 'abusive' review of garage app company responsible gets sinister revengeWe hope this isn't the shape of things to come.

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