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quangongzi Dec 11 '16

The excitation mechanism of the working device of full-hydraulic articulated double-drum roller produces the circumferential exciting force, the greater the exciting force, the greater the thickness of the compacted asphalt layer. However, the greater the vibration acceleration of the working device, the greater the vibration intensity of the cab, the worse the cab comfort. This is a common problem in the vibratory roller industry. To solve this problem, an analytical model is established by TRIZ innovation theory, and the corresponding innovative technique is used to obtain the ideal engineering solution. So that cab vibration intensity from a tolerable level to a good level, to the advanced level, and bulk applied to the double drum roller products. Small Road Roller - Shanghai Doan Machinery Technology Co., Ltd

Technical background

At present, the domestic market of hydraulic double drum vibratory roller most of the configuration cab, played the role of Dongnuanxialiang. Generally used three vibration design: the first level vibration from the steel wheel and front and rear frame shock absorber, the second stage vibration from the frame and the bridge between the shock absorber, the third stage vibration From the mechanical suspension driver's seat.

According to the research report of customers of all brands of double-drum rollers in North China, South China and Central China in 2014, the operator generally reflects the vibration in the cab, which is very tired in the continuous construction day. As we all know, the double drum roller is the most important working device is the vibration wheel, vibration wheel vibration device produces a circumferential excitation force to promote the vibration wheel vibration. The greater the amplitude, the greater the thickness of the compacted asphalt layer. In the vibration wheel, cab, seat and other three vibration isolation device remains unchanged, the vibration wheel vibration acceleration, the greater the cab vibration, the cab comfort is worse. This is the vibratory roller industry generally exists a problem shield, while the existence of the frequency difference between the two wheels, double drum vibratory roller or large or small vibration phenomenon exists, which will affect the cab comfort.

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