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slidebushing May 1 '17
The most commonly used in engineering machinery copper sleeve
With the increasing of construction machinery and increasingly perfect, for the demand of copper components such as round linear guide rail and so on, also in a sharp increase in the copper set of the most important thing is that these components, because it is to make the core of mechanical work.For such an important element, then, is how to buy?
Copper sleeve is a kind of mechanical lubrication components, different because the material, process, etc, and is divided into many kinds, each have their own copper set of features, so the choose and buy of different industries also have a little difference.Is the most commonly used for engineering machinery, graphite and copper.Graphite copper set of graphite to production, the structure of graphite, this kind of material is loose, for open cavity, it is very simple, it has laid a good groundwork for after operation and preparation.Embedded cavity on the surface of the copper sleeve, solid lubricant, thus formed a kind of self lubricating bearing, reduce the oil consumption at the same time, enhance the efficiency of construction machinery.
Graphite copper set of coupled with oilless bushing oiles bushing bronze, engineering machinery running quickly, at the same time reduce the use of various materials, enhance work efficiency.So for large machinery, heavy machinery, engineering machinery such a complex and sophisticated equipment, had better choose graphite copper sleeve, SOSB SOBB oilless thrust bush, bronze flange bush, let the optimal product, the highest quality.
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