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quangongzi Jul 19 '16

1. mechanical arrangement unscientific, unrealistic In recent years, due to the subjective Highway Maintenance Management department focuses on building, light maintenance, the purchase of heavy and light management thinking, resulting in maintenance machinery in terms of both quantity and quality can not meet the construction requirements. Using old technology road appears after diseases, old tools can not handle when there is blindness to think the acquisition and use of new machinery, the use of new technology, and the purchase of machinery and equipment, not practical, some are repeat purchase. Some equipment models obsolete, mechanical equipment is difficult to play a low-cost, high-efficiency features, but sometimes cause low equipment availability, utilization rate is not high, and some even from the purchase of some equipment transferred to a currently used only twice, had not suited.Best Road Maintenance Machinery - Doan Machinery

2. The management system is not perfect and Measures Highway Maintenance Management Although management has a staff, but mobility and strong lines, the transfer of work is not in place, over time, more and more problems left over by history, machinery and equipment account, the card does not match the accounts are becoming increasingly serious. As part of the equipment is the last monopoly purchase and distribution of the allocation to the mechanical fixed assets in the financial account, machinery management business was the competent authority, the real use of the equipment is the grass-roots conservation department. Personnel, machinery and not establish a sound scientific management system and improve the mechanical assessment methods, accounting and single stand-alone mechanical advantage mechanical vehicle assessment system has not been fully implemented in the true sense, just manage the oil production and vehicle security machinery.

3. Mechanical Management and staff are not professional, low level of business operatorsRoad Construction Machines Road Maintenance Machines There is no mechanical management is not professional, low level of business operators, the operator is not high quality, business is not fine, strong sense of responsibility and other issues of most conservation management. On the one hand because of past mechanical equipment management paid insufficient attention, mostly non-professional part-time management. On the other hand the grassroots units to focus only on the immediate benefits, ignoring the long-term interests, lack of training for special machinery operator. Some operators and cultural level is low, some more than one machine, both operating rollers, and operating loaders, motor graders also operates, the same results are not special. In particular, the conservation management of small machinery, vehicles, since management is not in place, maintenance work everyone up operation, maintenance, and no one regardless of accelerated aging equipment, and shorten the life of machinery and equipment, there are serious security risks .Road Construction Machines Road Maintenance Machines

Way to solve problems and countermeasures 1. speed up the update cycle Machinery and equipment to speed up the update cycle, so that road maintenance and change the way to adapt. In particular, to accelerate the realization of fixed assets, machinery, update outdated and unusable machinery and equipment, the popularity of new practical maintenance machinery and equipment. 2. change their ideas, strengthen managementRoad Construction Machines Road Maintenance Machines

To enhance safety awareness officer driving machine, driving machine organized production safety training courses to teach, play video, distributed mechanical procedures manuals, etc., close to reality, so that the machine driving staff profound understanding of the importance of safety in production of the machine driving in the presence of security personnel has long production errors for effective education. Establish a sound management system mechanically, by changing concepts, strengthen management, establish a new management philosophy, management model to change the traditions of the past. 3. To improve the mechanical quality of management, strengthen the machinery operator training

Road maintenance machinery operators and drivers are generally road workers, the majority of modern maintenance machinery and equipment operating knowledge level rarely, in actual use, often overlooked mechanical properties, special features and other technical requirements, reimbursing the pursuit of speed, quantity many do not have the competence and qualifications of science operations. With long-term experience and only one-sided, old knowledge driving, operation, maintenance and management, making some maintenance machinery intact and utilization rate is very low, seriously affecting the mechanical performance of the play. Who is the first element of productivity, quality of skills and machinery operators machinery management personnel directly affects the level of labor productivity highway maintenance industry. With the development of maintenance machinery and equipment manufacturing industry, the application of new technology, machinery and equipment with each passing day, managers and operators only strengthen continuing education, professional training, in order to adapt to the requirements of the new equipment to improve the management and operational skills, the establishment of a supporting professional and technical knowledge, it will operate, good maintenance, to repair,Cold Milling Machines Suppliers

Highway cause great development leap today, maintenance machinery determines the manner and efficiency of road maintenance operations. Only by vigorously strengthen maintenance machinery and scientific management, and strive to achieve the mechanical configuration planned, acquisition plans, the rationalization of the use, maintenance institutionalized, standardized operation, fully play its due performance, in order to better serve the cause of road maintenance.

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