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quangongzi Oct 24 '16

composite wood flooris grown in the Mediterranean coast of the oak, composite wood floor is made out of this oak skin. DIY Wood Plastic Composite Deck Compared with other flooringg, with soft, comfortable, noise, heat and other functions. As the material is precious, so the price is more expensive, are high-grade floor.

Unique material

By magnifying the observation, the composite wood flooris made up of numerous airbags Anti-Uv And Long Life WPC Floor. These airbags not only absorb external forces, play a buffer, but also absorb heat, sound. The unique structure of composite wood flooris the reason why composite wood floor offers a variety of superior properties.


composite wood floorunique structure makes it has good flexibility,Non-Toxic And Eco Friendly Floor not only walking comfort, but also reduce the accidental fall to the body's injury, especially suitable for use in children's room, the elderly room. Touch the surface can obviously feel its elasticity.

Insulation, sound insulation

composite wood flooring the air bag can absorb the heat, sound, so the composite wood floor can play insulationDIY WPC Decking, sound effects, many public places value this feature, and the use of composite wood floor laying the ground or even as a wall material. 

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