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quangongzi Feb 14 '17

Roller and other manufacturing industry is an important pillar industry of the country, the prosperity of the country and national defense is essential. China is a big country, but not a manufacturing power. According to the World Bank statistics, in 2012, China's manufacturing industry added value of 2330.68 billion US dollars, more than the US $ 18532.7 billion, ranking first in the world. China and the United States accounted for 20.3% and 16.2% of the world's manufacturing growth. China is already manufacturing a big country, but China's manufacturing industry is still facing many contradictions, more prominent there are three major problems:

Innovation is not strong. According to the relevant statistics, China's innovation capacity index (GII) and the global competitiveness index (GCI) in the world only in the 25 ~ 30 or so position. According to China's Social Science Literature Publishing House published "World Innovation Competitiveness Development Report (2001 - 2012)", China's innovation competitiveness in 2010 ranked 15th in the world. In recent years, China's R & D investment (R & D) increased significantly, 2013 accounted for 2.0% of GDP.Road Repair Machines

However, the ratio of R & D investment to GDP in most industrialized countries is greater than 2.5% - in 2011, the ratio of R & D investment to GDP in the United States and Germany was 2.85% and 2.88% respectively. According to the 2011 statistics, China's manufacturing industry added value of 21.5%, while the industrialized countries are greater than 35%. China's R & D investment and sales revenue ratio, and the world's leading enterprises compared to the gap. Core technology is weak, common technology is absent. China's own development of large passenger aircraft C919 all rely on imports of the engine. The key materials and critical components of heavy gas turbines that are being developed, such as high temperature alloy orientation and single crystal working blades, are still dependent on imports. In recent years, China has increased investment in CNC machine tool research and development, but 80% of high-end CNC machine tools still rely on imports. In 2013, China is a big consumer of robots, ranking first in the world, but 80% of the robot imports.

Waste of resources, serious pollution. In 2010, China's GDP accounted for about 7.5% of the world, but consumed 19.6% of the world's energy. China's manufacturing industry accounted for about 32.6% of China's GDP, but energy consumption accounted for 58.0% of the national energy consumption. In 2010, China's steel, building materials and other industries unit energy consumption than the international advanced level of 10% to 20%. Air and water pollution is serious and become a matter of great concern to the people of the whole country.

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