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Terry Oct 30 '18

Established in 2002, Oi Polloi was one of the first outlets to bring Swedish outdoor brand [url=][b]Cheap Fjällräven Kånken Backpack[/b][/url] (Swedish: "arctic fox") to our attention. The label was quickly adopted by cooler elements in Northern football grounds before filtering down to a select fashion audience. Wearers of Fjällräven tend to be secretive about their supply source. Like DJs with white labels, they don't want you to own what they have found.

Northern interest in a Swedish label is hardly surprising given that the Viking expansionism of the 9 century meant that Yorkshire and Lancashire came under the jurisdiction of the Danelaw. Don't forget that Northerners are very proud of their Norse heritage - take a look at Doncaster Rovers' badge, featuring a Viking warrior in profile. [url=][b]Fjällräven Kånken Classic Backpack Sales[/b][/url] is also an exotic-looking name. It has two umlauts for a start. It's about as anti-Mediterranean as you can hope for.

Although Fjällräven's upland aesthetic was easily adopted by discerning Northern casuals, its Kånken backpack has a cult following nationwide - and not just with men. [url=][b]The Fjällräven Online Shop[/b][/url] have become a sort of fashion equivalent of the VW Type 2 camper van. On the road, Type 2 drivers will give a friendly nod to each other, but without the protection of a windscreen to offset social awkwardness, Kånken owners tend to stare at each other, a bit like dogs on leads. They have one thought: "What events in life have led you to your backpack?" Kånken owners consider themselves rucksack rebels, revelling in the fact that they stand apart from the more commonplace easy-to-purchase Eastpaks, Jansports and Karrimors.

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