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apple527 Oct 12 '16
Effect diagram Beijing University of Technology Gymnasium Project Name: Beijing University of Technology Gymnasium Location: Beijing University Venue Type: New venues Use during the Olympics: Badminton Aaron Ramsey Arsenal Jersey , rhythmic gymnastics Use during Paralympic Games: No Owner units: Beijing University Designer: South China University of Technology Institute of Architectural Design Total Package unit: Beijing Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd. Building Area: 24,383 square meters Holder median: 5800 Temporary seats: 1700 Groundbreaking date: June 30, 2005 Program completion time: Second half of 2007 Construction Highlights: Overlooking Beijing University of Technology Gymnasium night photo Standing on the roof of Beijing University main building overlooking the large work Centre (Beijing Olympic Games badminton, rhythmic gymnastics competition venues), the main stadium and covered with a net-like criss-cross of steel, next to the warm-up museum has begun laying the outer steel installed. In the sun, one out of a dark, yin and yang. Into the construction of the main stadium, standing on the future of the Beijing Olympics badminton competition venues, looking at the span of the dome 93 meters in diameter. Scaffolding, the dynamic between the Tianyuandifang. 2005 6 started now, this is located in the southeast corner of Beijing University, Beijing Olympic stadium, quietly completed the dome of the world's largest steel construction. No nest of forceful, not the Smart Water Cube, but as long as to Badminton Courts, Badminton Courts understand people who were all working great stadium, "light" while praise 60 kg per square meter steel badminton hall Into work great stadium dome like days, the cage was placed on fieldwork, inadvertently, make people feel calm. In this sense the atmosphere, the reporter saw a group of data: the inner diameter of 93 meters, the outer diameter of 98 meters of the dome, plus out of both sides of cantilever wings, which is less than 1,200 tons of steel , equivalent to 60 kilograms per square meter. The nest of steel consumption of 400 kilograms per square meter, the Water Cube there are 200 kg per square meter. Comparison, the work to other large sports venues only a fraction of the volume of steel. This could not help but make people question: the amount of steel and other Olympic venues so different, badminton hall String dome strong are not strong enough in the end? In fact, both at home and abroad, String Theory dome structure had already been verified, and received very good results. President of the International Association of Space Structures, Architectural Institute of Japan, once the design director Professor Kawaguchi, Wei Zhang had a string dome venues, which he regarded as editing software. Since then, the Tianjin Development Zone, a small community stadium has tried this form. String these two buildings are only a dome 30 meters in diameter. The work great stadium, the challenge is the need to ring 5 cable Olivier Giroud Arsenal Jersey , 93 meters in diameter giant. Such a large dome, rely on to support? "PC" system of light and achievement As the public will pay attention to shift to the badminton hall, "PC" is more and more into the spotlight. Pro-Vice-president Zhang Ailin workers said, "PC" is the component in advance to deal with steel itself augmented by a load, including its own weight of the roof load, wind load, snow load, seismic loads, etc.. The String dome, the main PC system is used, this particular structure makes vertical roof load to pull, If you hand a bow, it would be vertical on the table, bowstring closely aligns the desktop. And then turn 180 degrees in the horizontal plane. Camponotus formed dome shape is the badminton hall. As the bowstring pulled the two ends of the arched back, give it an upward force to offset gravity and their own, the upward force is the prestressed. 1,200 tons of the dome, what it is propped up by small but powerful chain of PC. Early as 2002, major work done on the PC system similar experiments. At that time, workers were busy two major applications, one application in the construction of an Olympic stadium, the school, one academic leaders Ai-Lin Zhang is the national scientific research projects for PC system. Fu Warriors said to have night, two wishes have reached Beigong. Tender , The South China University of Architecture and Design Institute of the design captured the judges eye, are also on the Beigong appetite. Apart from anything else, prestressed system into String dome, a large stadium work set will be "light" to win. Author's Resource Box The e-commerce company in China offers quality products such as China Mini 4D Cinema System , 3D Cinema System, and more. For more , please visit 4D Cinema System today!

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Free Online Articles Directory- Unique Self Publishing Articles-Article Directory Nationals Plan To Push Strasburg Later In Spring - RealGM Wiretap

The Nationals will keep Stephen Strasburg under watch like any other ace early in a longer-than-usual Spring Training.

"He's on a 45-pitch limit [Saturday]," Davey Johnson said. "Just depending on his pitch efficiency, he could go two or even go three [innings]."

Because of the schedule, Strasburg could make as many as seven Grapefruit League starts. With that in mind, Johnson will probably have his right-hander on a slower program to begin the year.

"You try to have a progression, just a little more each time," Johnson said. "You kind of push him -- I'd say when he's got two more starts, you kind of taper him down. But being that we're starting early, all I want is for him to be ready to throw 100 pitches Opening Day."

Red Sox Demote Will Middlebrooks - RealGM Wiretap

The Red Sox have decided to option Will Middlebrooks to Triple-A Pawtucket.


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