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jonita Mar 15 '16

Dream translation based on the scientific method works like psychotherapy, mind empowerment, and spiritual purification. The meaning of your dreams helps you eliminate your wild nature, and become a wise and sensitive human being. This is a miraculous process of mind empowerment that transforms you into a genius. You have this potential, but the biggest part of your brain belongs to your wild conscience (anti-conscience). The Millionaire’s Brain Academy Review

My mind is wandering and trying to understand what I believe and its repercussion. It becomes very interesting, intriguing and compelling me to think, how it affects daily life? I am also trying to evaluate nuances and meaning in context with changing situations. My belief is ingrained since childhood, and it is deep rooted affected my thinking greatly until I crossed teenage. At this crucial juncture, my belief, in reality, and abstract, revealed gnawing gaps in an objective manner.

Enhanced performance in the workplace may be achieved by intensive training sessions - but neuroscience is showing that some time alone may be just as effective. Mindfulness is essentially a state of being actively focused on the present and major organisations like Google are taking notice: its 'Search Inside Yourself' program focuses on helping its staff members develop emotional intelligence through mindfulness. Following are three key ways mindfulness can help you in and out of the workplace.

This article discusses the battle between the emotions and instincts that early humans used to survive versus the more rational thinking that modern day humans use. There really is room in all of our lives to use both kinds of thinking. As a matter of fact, we all would be better off if we used both kinds of thinking and didn't try to bury our earlier prowess of instincts and emotions that reside in our subconscious. Our subconscious never misses a thing!

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