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apple527 Oct 6 '16
Mattingly Meets With Puig About Playing Time - RealGM Wiretap

Don Mattingly met with Yasiel Puig before Sunday's game to discuss his reduced playing time as of late.

Puig has been out of the Los Angeles Dodgers' starting lineup in three of the last seven games as the club tries to add Carl Crawford back in the outfield mix.

His struggles at the plate haven't helped either. Puig is hitting .185 and has a .591 OPS since July 1.

"I just let him know that he's not just going to automatically be out of there against righties. He's going to be in there Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys , it's just occasional days off," Mattingly said. "I know a couple have come here recently as we want to mix Carl back in.

"He seemed to be OK with it. He didn’t look like he was ready to hit me or anything," the manager joked.

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