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doaltwar Sep 13 '16
Huawei Superonline Account Manager Emre Altinok stated, “After completing the deployment of the major part on the Superonline backbone and metropolitan area transmission network, we started accumulating more intelligence about it at telecomate. Having the first WSON enabled network in Turkey and commercially on this planet, it is obvious that Superonline raised the bar when it comes to service quality and network reliability.” Designed and implemented by Superonline and Huawei through intensive engineering works, the Istanbul Metro WSON application would be the first successful commercial project available today with respect to realization via upgrade over the live network that carries commercial services as well as advanced optical switching technology (outside of direction and wavelength). In essence, WSON technology enables the uninterrupted flow of targeted traffic to be moved to alternative lines in case there is multiple system failures and/or intersystem fiber cuts, which can occur in DWDM networks. This is because of the smart signalization established by WSON involving the applied network’s systems. The team built a prototype network and installed it on the human body of Jiwoong Park, a Ph.D student in Mercier's lab, as being a proof of concept. It used coils of insulated copper wire wrapped around every one of his arms. The coils sent magnetic signals derived from one of arm to an alternative using his body like a guide. There's no serious danger for the wearer's health since the magnetic fields are incredibly weak, the study said. They're far weaker than these used by a machine like an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) machine or maybe the effect in the Earth's magnetic field figure, Mercier said. Though some signals may radiate out of the wearer's body, they dissipate quickly so there is not much prospects for interception from nearby, Mercier said. Still, any medical data that sensors sent in the network will have to be encrypted at, he added. Signals might flow in to the body of somebody that the wearer touched, but the study haven't tested that yet.
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