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mukesh381 Apr 30 '16

The beauty of being this "you" is always with you; you cannot escape from it and nor can you run away from it; it is who you are - your very areness; your amness; your "youness". Anything that you can observe, taste, feel, perceive, experience, is only more of the notyou-ness Manifestation Miracle Review that this "you" of you is flowing through.Who you are is this "motion of aliveness" that is flowing through your eyes right now. By bringing your conscious focus of attention to this very "motion of seeing" that is flowing through your eyes and by stopping at and as this very "aliveness" is all that you can "do" - of course this is not a doing; it is a "no longer" doing; a not doing - to be freed from the automaticity of trying to be something that is notyou.

Coming to being deeply at rest at and as this one that is flowing through the eyes of this mindbody, by stopping here for many consecutive moments, will dissolve the restlessness and importance of any arisings that have you struggling with the problems thereof.It is right here at this point of "being" who you are that the journey of self and heart discovery begins.It is in the actual "being" of who you are that you begin to understand what this one is, that "you" are; not you "being" who you are and then nosy-ing around and being a someone having a look. No! You being simply at rest as this one that "you" are - the "motion of seeing", the seer, which is flowing through your eyes - and in the "being" of "that" you will come to being deeply at rest in the qualities of what it is that this "you" of you is.

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