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Impact roller, also known as the impact of compactors, impact roller, etc., is part of the roller of a new type of roller. Impact roller by tractor or loader and other mechanical vehicles traction, driven by an impact wheel, the use of the impact of its own weight wheel and forward when the impact of the roadbed, cement road surface crushing and compaction. During impact compaction, the potential energy and kinetic energy of the impact wheel are periodically converted into concentrated impact energy acting on the ground to achieve the purpose of continuous crushing and compacting the road surface. The crushed pieces can be directly pressed into the ground, thus shortening the road surface Maintenance period, a significant reduction in project costs. It can improve the strength, stability and uniformity of roadbed, and prevent the damage of pavement caused by uneven subsidence. It has many advantages, such as fast running speed, less construction procedure, short construction period, low cost and wide application range.Small Road Roller - Shanghai Doan Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd

Development of Impact Roller

Impact roller in the 1950s by the South African company Aubrey Berrange development, but become a mature and practical non-circular rolling impact compactor is in the 20th century, 70s to 80s, 90s of last century began to Global promotion. After 40 years of improvement and improvement, is now a series of products, the impact compaction round shape with three sides, four sides, five edges and hexagonal. Aubrey Berrange company in South Africa in 1995, this kind of compaction equipment into China, has been more than ten companies producing impact roller, impact wheel quality is generally between 6000 ~ 13000kg, the calculation of static energy in the 8 ~ 35kJ of , Compaction wheel to the majority of triangular, quadrilateral, pentagonal, etc. are less.

Calibration of Impact Roller

The impact roller is calibrated by its static energy, and the energy is calculated as follows: E = mgh. Unit of kJ (ear)

E is the energy unit kj (kJ);

M is the mass unit of the power unit (kg);

G is the gravitational constant (9.81 m / s 2);

H is the difference between the outer radius of the wheel and the inner radius h = R-r, Thus, the impact wheel weight and wheel type directly determines the impact roller effect, in which the outer radius of the triangle with the inner radius of the largest difference, so the effect is most significant.

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