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lonwaysafety May 31 '17

Metatarsal Men Work Shoes | Women Work Shoes | Metatarsal shoes

The metatarsus,Safety Shoes, or metatarsal, is a set of bones in the forefoot that are more commonly known as the ball of the footits the part between the instep and the toes. These bones work together to support your entire body while walking. Its important to keep these bones protected, especially if youre working around heavy materials.

Thats where safety shoes that feature metatarsal protection comes in. Work safety shoes that come with a metatarsal can be a life saver. They provide a layer of extra protection to keep the metatarsal bones safe from an accidental impact. These boots are a must in certain environments where a lot of heavy materials are moving around.

Here at Safety Shoe Distributors,Work Shoes, we carry several mens and womens safety shoes that have metatarsal guards. Check out our brand-leading Hytest safety boots and shoes for men and women for more details on our stock of metatarsal safety shoes.

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