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nba2kah Mar 31 '16

From Christmas Day against Shaq to dueling LeBron, Kobe has (mostly) fond memories of Miami.One thing you should remember is that if you want to buy NBA 2K16 MT or NBA 2K16 MT Coins, NBA 2K16 Coins can be your best choice.

On Wednesday night, Kobe Bryant will face the Miami Heat for the last time. It's the 20th career meeting between Bryant and Heat star Dwyane Wade, a series that Wade currently leads 11-8.

Ahead of their final duel, Wade shared his favorite Kobe memory -- and naturally, it's one that went in Miami's favor.

“We was getting our butts kicked by the Lakers that year when they had (Gary Payton) and Karl Malone and Shaq and Kobe. It was the second half, late in the game — and I had two fouls early so I didn’t play much — and then I got an opportunity for my first time guarding Kobe one-on-one in transition and I was so nervous.

“But I ripped him. For me, that was it. That was the Holy Grail. I ripped him and I went down and scored or whatever. Inside, I felt so good. It didn’t mean nothing to him. They were up 30 or 40. But to me, it meant the world.”

It's a forgotten possession in NBA history that means the world to one of the sport's most important players. Unfortunately, video of that play is incredibly hard to come by.

But on the bright side, Bryant has had a number of mythical moments against the Heat. From his Christmas Day reunion with Shaquille O'Neal to going toe-to-toe with LeBron James, Kobe's definitely left his mark on Miami.

To celebrate Bryant's ultimate trip to Miami with the Lakers, we're running through our favorite Kobe memories against the Heat. They didn't all turn out in the Lakers' favor, but each one is a moment we'll never forget.Once you would like to get NBA 2K16 MT Coins,NBA 2K16 MT Coins is the best site for NBA 2K16 MT Coins selling.You can make a comparison with other sites.

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