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Date & time Feb 18 '18
Creator shubiao524

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The exhibition's 800 items are again presented within a darkened space, with walls painted black, as part of a deeply immersive installation. It is a troubling, dark, gothic experience, where the artist appears as a shaman who, through alchemy, transforms the materials drawn from a commonly experienced reality into mystical and wondrous creations. Wall pieces create an outer boundary and vitrines, which are set up as wunderkammer like cases or cabinets of curiosities, frame the central space that is occupied by the installation All the king's men..

Cathy Laudenbach's six digital prints look at the weird phenomenon of a Chinese housing development based on an Austrian alpine site Hallstatt. It is like The Sound of Music meets China town (the latter of a rural ish variety). Laudenbach elides the two very different places and in some works populates them with bride and groom couples as though they are proceeding through a sort of marital Disneyland.

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