The top sex skills make people obsessed!


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The top sex skills make people obsessed!

Hello everyone! Today I want to talk to you about the topic of sex. Sexual activity is part of love and partnership, a wonderful experience that brings joy and intimacy. However, it can be a bit lacking at times.

1 Foreplay intimately understand each other's bodies

Big butt sex dolls used in foreplay are an important factor in making sexual activity more comfortable and fulfilling. To get to know each other's bodies intimately, let's explore each other's tastes and feelings. This is where foreplay techniques like massage and fondling can come into play. Try to touch the other person's body carefully and focus on the feeling and reaction. Intimate foreplay like this can get you hooked before sex even begins.

2. Try new positions and approaches

To change sexual behavior, adult sex dolls and methods are also important. Take on new challenges rather than sticking to one pattern. There are many ways to be inspired, such as trying Kamasutra poses or role-playing. New positions and approaches will bring freshness and excitement to sexual activity.

3. Sharing sexual fantasies

Sexual fantasies and cheap sex dolls are one tool that can be used to make sexual activity more exciting. By sharing with your partner, you can increase mutual desire and excitement. Talking openly about your fantasies can pique their interest and inspire them to explore new worlds. However, it is important to consider the other person's taste and pleasure when sharing fantasies.


Practice each technique to experience more fulfilling sex. Sexual activity is an important part of a partnership, so it's important to spend time and energy doing it for each other.

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