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·         Go for references-Before finalizing the movers and packers’ agency, one must make a detailed survey of their website, their social media pages i.e. the face book page and get the reviews of the previous clients. The blogs and customers’ experiences will give a better insight into the services and quality of the company.

·         Don’t hide anything from the estimator-Being a client, one must not hide any of the details regarding the stuff to be moved from the estimator when they come to your place for making the final calculations. This will end up keeping the relocation to be on the safer side by not giving higher charges at the time of final payment.


·         Legal insurance-The moving company so selected must have a legal insurance for the moving goods. As it is very important to get the goods insured as anything can happen on the way or during the unloading or loading time, so go for valid insurance companies to get the relocation goods insured.

·         Get a written copy of inventory list-Goods once ready to be moved need to be stored on a list where one is to be kept with the moving company and the other with the client. This helps in keeping a track record of all the cartons so moved without any fear of loss or theft during the transit.


For searching the best relocation service provider in bangalore, one can go to this checklist before finalizing any movers and packers. It is indeed the work of the professionals that is done efficiently and smoothly without any delays and damages. Hiring companies for the relocation service reduces the headache involved and the stress in commuting the goods from one place to the new final destination

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