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Initial Account Set Up

We manage all your paperwork and establish you with all insurance carriers. We provide your office with all forms and documents. We train your front desk staff.

Provider Enrollment and Credentialing
Assistance with provider enrollment issues. Credentialing solutions for relocated physicians and Tax ID changes.

Physicians Coding
To maximize your reimbursement we can assist you in choosing the best possible code for services you performed.

Fee Schedule
We assist you with establishing a fee schedule according to your specialty.

Procedure and Diagnosis Coding
Medical billing is more than just submitting claims. Prior to transmission, each claim is professionally prepared, accurately coded, using the latest National Government Service policy for Procedure and Diagnosis Coding.

Electronic and Paper Claims Processing
In order to eliminate the probability of denials and rejections, it is critical to send out "clean claims". All claims are audited for accuracy by focused staff and intelligent software program. The goal is to send claims out correctly, right from the start.

Information Technology (IT)
With every possibility, we submit claims electronically substantially reducing collection time and eliminate all paperwork.

Access to our network database
You can view status, edit, update information, check patient balances and get all types of reports.

Insurance Follow-ups and Appeals
We pursue all unpaid claims regardless of dollar amount. When necessary, an appeals process is initiated, this is known to reach the highest officials in the Governing Health Department.

Custom Designed Reports
We are able to generate any type of daily/weekly/monthly reports.

Patient Billing Inquiries
All Patient billing inquiries are directed to our office.

Partial Billing Service
Emergency Billing - Old outstanding claims recovery
Part time billing
Temporary billing
Private Courier Service for Pick up and Delivery
Send us your work by fax, email or by requesting a pick up to ensure prompt claims arrival.

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