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The main objective of Empire Supplies is to provide the highest quality products and service to our customers in the green industry. We strive to provide individualized attention to our customers, offering the products and services needed for their projects. As a small corporation, we have been able to develop a close connection with our customers, so consequently we are able to successfully provide the best quality products and services. Empire is staffed with individuals who are not only knowledgeable with the products we sell and have extensive years of experience in the Irrigation and Landscape industry. Empire understands that the industry needs more than just a supply warehouse where customers simply pick up products. Contractors need a positive and congenial relationship with their supplier so their questions can be answered, obtain up-to- date literature, and provide the latest and most efficient products available. As a result, Empire combines the sale of products with outstanding customer service that assures contractors that their needs will be met, the most efficient way.

We at Empire, take pride with the understanding of both Irrigation and Landscape Products and the satisfaction of meeting or exceeding our customer’s needs. Empire believes that although products may be similar, every customer’s needs are unique; therefore, Empire provides individualized attention and service to every customer. We pay close attention to detail of each and every customer’s particular projects and give them peace of mind by delivering the necessary products on time.

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