XTUNER T1 diagnostic adapter Feedback on Caterpillar Trucks (with Pics) from piros365's blog

XTUNER T1 diagnostic adapter Feedback on Caterpillar Trucks (with Pics)

XTUNER T1 is newly released heavy-duty trucks scanner,Complete function capability including DTC, DTC freeze Info, Live data, Actuation test and Special function.Windows XP/7/8/10 operating systems allows for more stable performances, better compatibility and expandability.

Finally I have time to write down what XTUNER T1 diagnostic adapter can work on Caterpillar Trucks after a long day outdoor in the 35ºC weather.

Seeing is believing, here 7 photos what I took today.



XTUNER T1 diagnostic adapter Feedback on Caterpillar:

ModelSystemECU InfoDTCDTC
List320CPump ControlOKOK OK320CMonitorOK   320DEngine(C6_4)OKOK OK320DMachine ControlOKOK OK320DProduct LinkOKOK OK320DMonitorOK   320DEngine(C6_4)OKOK OK320DMachine ControlOKOK OK320DProduct LinkOKOK OK320DMonitorOK   OthersPump ControlOKOK OKOthersEngine(C6_4)OKOK OKOthersMachine ControlOKOK OKOthersProduct LinkOKOK OK


I will update more pictures or videos here.


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