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WP FotoPress Is Added The Most Wanted Features to Wordpress that Millions of Sites Needed yesterday


Anyone who has a blog or WordPress site knows that one thing you will for sure need is images. Posts without images are boring, they look overly long, and they don’t keep the users attention. Today I'm doing WP FotoPress Review for wordpress plugin called FotoPress to add a photoshop like editor in 1-Click.


WP FotoPress Review

WP FotoPress Overview

Sale PageWP FotoPress Sale Page
Product CreatorAnkur Shukla 
Front End Price$27
NicheWP Plugin
Launch Time: 31st October 2016 at 10am EST 

What Is WP FotoPress ?

WP FotoPress is 1-CLICK plugin That Adds A Photoshop like Editor INSIDE Any Wordpress Site & Finds Millions of Images for Blog Posts

People are visual creatures and you for sure should have some visuals for them to look at on all your blog posts or website pages.

The problem is that WordPress has very limited image functionality. You can upload an image but beyond that there is little more you can do. You cant edit an image, you cant add text or crop it. Even worse you need to actually have an image in the first place.

Unless you have a huge library of images just sitting on your hard drive what you will find yourself doing when you need one is something similar to this. You head over to Google and start searching for an image in the image search tab. Then you look through all of the search results trying to find one that both looks good, and that is not water marked or copyrighted. Once you finally find one you download it to your computer. Then you use an image editor to resize it, crop it, add any effects or text and save again. Finally when all that is done you can upload it to WordPress and use it in your post.

WP FotoPress aims to solve these problems my making this entire process happen quickly, and right inside of WordPress itself. Every single wordpress site owner needs this plugin because images are an integral part of content and marketing.

Take A Tour & Watch Demo With Our WP FotoPress Review

To start off with it adds a special FotoPress button inside of the WordPress WYSIWYG editor.

Clicking that button will then give you the option to pull images from your computer, from your Youzign account if your a Youzign user or to search for images. Of these three options the most useful for many people is going to be the image search functionality.

You can search for images on Pixabay, Flickr, Open Clip Art, or Instagram. You can also tell the search to only find images that do not require attribution (credit to the author) and that are licensed as free to modify if you like. In my testing, searching Pixabay only the plugin found 500 results for my search in about a second or two.

Once you select the image you want you can then insert it into your post as it is, or you can edit it. I think most people are going to want to edit it. At the very least your going to want to resize the image and possibly crop it. Fortunately FotoPress is not just an image search tool. Its also an image editor.

Besides being able to crop and resize you can also add PhotoShop like effects, text, other images, shapes or free hand drawings to your image.

Using WP FotoPress is as EASY AS 1-2-3… 

This is a plugin that adds many amazing features to WordPress that have been MISSING and have been WANTED by millions bloggers and marketers for a long long time… And all you have to do is...

  • Step 1 – Download the FotoPress plugin.
  • Step 2 – Upload to your Site and Activate it.
  • Step 3 – BOOM it’s done !
WP FotoPress Funnel

WP FotoPress - Front End: $27

  • Find Royalty Free Images from 5 Sites
  • Search Across 3 Million Images
  • 1-Click Insert images into any Post or Page
  • Find & Download Unlimited Images to your PC
  • Save All Images to the WP gallery
  • Edit Your Images directly inside the wp admin area
  • FULL Photoshop Like Editor for Your Images
  • You can - Crop, Resize, Add border, Add text
  • Unlimited LAYERS for Images (like Photoshop)
  • Add Instagram-like filters
  • Add Special effects, Add Shapes
  • Add another image on top of your Images
  • Free Hand Pencil Drawing
  • SEO Optimize & Compress Images

WP FotoPress Pro - OTO 1: $47

  • Find Royalty-Free Images from Top 10 Stock Sites
  • Search from Among 10 MILLION Images
  • 1-Click Import images from your Social Networks
  • Grab images from Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Flickr
  • 1-Click Publish Images to Your Social Networks
  • Import/export Images from Dropbox / Google Drive
  • Automatically add a watermark to your Images
  • Premium VIDEO PLAYER included!
  • Use Your own mp4 video, or any youtube/vimeo video
  • Add branding to your Video Player
  • Add Your logo on top of embedded videos
  • 10 Premium Video Skins
  • 700+ Google Fonts to use in Your Site
  • 50+ Animated Font Effects
  • Instantly Transform your site with Fonts & Effects
Should You Buy WP FotoPress ?

I think that this WP FotoPress Review has already showed you all cool & powerful features of this plugin. With only $27, you can own WP FotoPress and save a ton of your TIME & MONEY for adding photos to your blogs & WP sites.

Especially if you order WP FotoPress under our reference, you will get all of our bonuses that include WP Themes & Plugins and other fresh bonuses HERE !

Get One WP FotoPress Now !

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