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This main emphasis of this blog post is to illustrate about a person who is deeply connected with animals and serve them n best possible manner. Yes, friends, I am talking William Gilbert Lightner. He is an individual who is known for saving animals who ensure to be in the hazard. William presently resides in Marietta, Georgia.  The main focus of him is to protect the needy animals from harsh environmental conditions and serve them in right manner.

After wandering around, the main concern of Mr. William Gilbert was to help the needy animals. Let me tell you about the incident that makes him so much passionate towards this work. Well, one day he saw 3 Labrador puppies were searching for nourishment near the garbage. This was the moment which make him so emotional and after that William always keeps 4 bottles with him in his car for the puppies in the nastiest possible physical state. ‘People in Marietta actually don’t care about those pups. What if they are left out in warm midsummers without foodstuff and H2O for the whole day.’ says Mr. William Gilbert Lightner. Apart from this social work he even works as an audio engineer at his home-based studio. He also worked with some hometown musicians from Marietta. He also runs an animal shelter names as ‘Lightner’s rescue shelter’.


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By williamgilbertlightner
Added Apr 20



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