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Few products are as well suited for a particular manufacturing process as are medical bags for RF Welding Companies sealing. No other bag-sealing method yields the consistency, capacity, and quality afforded by RF technology. Depending on the type of bag produced, the required quantity, the manufacturing environment (e.g., labor costs), and the unit price, there are several processing options available to the RF sealer, ranging from completely manual to fully automated techniques.

In addition to choosing the most efficient RF sealing technique for a particular job, bag makers should work with reputable RF companies to ensure the proper design of equipment and tooling. It is also important to remember that RF interference can affect many sensitive electronic devices within a manufacturing facility, and appropriate shielding meeting or exceeding OSHA, IEEE, and FDA regulations should be verified during equipment selection. The fact that, in many cases, data feedback from sealing equipment can help validate the manufacturing process and eliminate costly product testing is another important consideration.

Although RF sealing is a long-established technology, new product developments and option packages have solidified its performance, reliability, and safety. At first glance, RF sealing may seem complicated—the term "black magic" has even been used to describe it. However, RF sealing merely obeys the laws of physics, and is in fact a predictable, dependable, HF Welder and robust manufacturing process.


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By pvcwelding
Added Jan 18 '17



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