What happened to hip hop today? from ChasingMe's blog

Hip hop today seems to have the same theme; rather it be about Apples or peanuts, the common elements must come up. But why do rappers cannot just stick to the subject anymore? 

They must include how many money they have, how they so hard, the girl they with, how they done did it all or got it all. And forget what the topic of the song was about; it just have to sound good and get enough wave and followers, then that's a hit in the industry!Really!

Where's the creativity that the rap industry used to have? Everyone seems to be distracted with the beat and or dance; they don't really care to listen what's being said. "True" First it must sound good then a little up words will have a crowd going; 

But the same elements seems to appear in rap music are typical drug, sex, violence, material, money, acting up, stupidity music with no substance. I mean, we heard it all before too many times already in different fonts, ways, and/or situations, etc...; why not come with some real life song scenarios that sounds great rather just good. 

The music today input so much wrong with a parade of hype for destruction, it's starting to sound pointless. But apparently the ones continuously bringing different music to the industry will be the survivors of this falling industry of hip hop in my opinion. 


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