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Firefighters said that not only was the electrical system shot, but water got on the Passenger Elevator and actually froze the doors shut. Heavy equipment had to be brought in to thaw out the doors and aid in the evacuation.

Backup generators eventually powered up that elevator and emergency lights for the stairwells. Crews said they were able to get all 130 residents out.

"We have 10 degree weather as you can very well feel and we want to make sure safety is first and foremost," said Rich Fontana, with New Haven Emergency Management.

Many residents had to call family to pick them up.

"I was just worried with her asthma,” said Marisol Lopez-Castro, who picked up her mother. “And everyone here has medical issues that can't be properly addressed when you lose power."

Emergency officials said they took down the names, numbers and locations of everyone who was evacuated so they can contact them when it's safe to return.

One firefighter did suffer from chest pains and was taken to the hospital. Two residents were also put on oxygen. China Passenger Elevator is expected to be OK.


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By dskelevator
Added Aug 20 '17



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