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If you watch TV any day of the week, one thing is for sure, reality based shows are hot. People love to see reality as it is happening instead of watching boring sitcoms.

Today, reality shows are not the only hot item going, people are turning to reality based events such as live re-enactments, Fencing, self-defense training and LARP events (live action role playing events) as a form of entertainment for themselves.

With all of these events, tools are needed in order to teach, act, or train. For example when it comes to fighting during LARP events, foam swords (also known as LARP swords) have become the preferred weapon of choice. With foam sword fighting, no protective clothing is needed, and the style is more geared towards how a knight or barbarian might fight with a weapon and shield.

This allows for a realistic look which adds to the drama and excitement of a live event.

Foam based weapons are also great for practicing fencing, without the need to use real steal based swords. This will help you improve your fencing skills while providing safety during training.

Uses for Latex Foam Weapons and Swords

LARP Events (Live Action Role Playing) - is a role-playing game where a characters actions are physically and mentally acted out. The players pursue goals within a fictional setting represented by the real world, while interacting with each other in character. Various weaponry are used such as swords, shields, axes and maces. Because the weapons are made of latex foam and provide a safe environment, LARP events have become more popular due to the realism that is achieved during fighting scenes.

Theatrical Plays - All the drama and suspense of theatrical plays could never happen without the authentic costumes and weapons used to represent the era the play is based about. To help, all weapons are made of latex foam to give a realistic look, that makes theater plays an enjoyable event.

Back Yard Brawls - Remember the good old days when you were a kid playing in the back yard with your friends. Everybody wanted to be Conan the Barbarian, or a pirate like Captain Jack Sparrow. Yea, those were the times of sticks for swords and trash can lids as shields. Fortunately times have changed, and your kids no longer need those awful weapons. Using foam sword and shield is not only safe, but durable enough to last another day of brawling in the back yard!

Sporting Events - Fencing, some Martial Arts or any event that requires the use of replica swords for training, can take advantage of using foam swordsto help the inexperience become experienced at fencing.

Self Defense Training - Foam based weapons are commonly used to teach people the basics of self-defense without the worry of being injured.

Great For Gift Giving - For the person who participates in LARP events, LARP swords or shields are great gifts.

Because of their durability, scale to size and realistic appearance, these foam weapons [] makes great gifts as a birthday or Christmas present.



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