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Subject: The Best Way To Double Your Own Social Traffic In 7 Seconds Or Less

Social sharing is quickly becoming among the very crucial factors when Google and other search engines believe how high your blog needs to rank.

To put it simply... The longer individuals sharing your content that the more crucial you look to Google.

More Details:

And every time some one shares you of your blog posts you obtain a backlink directly?

That part is truly wrong!

And I'll show you why in a little - but first we have to talk just a bit about Facebook.

Most men and women think that Facebook is your largest social sharing site in the world - and undoubtedly it is...

But at the same time frame face book only accounts for 25 percent of most Social sharing online!

So what's the biggest method of social sharing?

The answer amazed me initially - but after thinking about it - it made perfect sense.

There are roughly 1 billion people on earth with a Facebook accounts - however what's the sole tool that every online user hasgot?

The answer is obviously... an email account - and that's why:

Email Is The Internet's Original Sharing Tool &

And as I said, whenever you think about this, this makes sense...

Before there is a face-book, P-interest, Twitter or any additional societal sharing site such as that - people would share site content by mailing to each other.

Frequently people want forward those emails to friends and this is how viral marketing was originally born.

Old habits die hard...

And despite the arrival of sites like Facebook - email is still the number one way people talk about content on the internet.

Just look at that for a 2nd...

We all have at least one of these "annoying" friends who insist on forwarding you each joke or interesting article they receive via email!

Just look at this screenshot...

This was merely one particular campaign that had the option to share this content via Twitter, Facebook or email. As you can observe email was the overwhelming winner.

And this isn't a isolated instance - Actually...

Upto 70% Of All Social Sharing Is Done
Via Email Addresses Only 25 percent On Face-book

Yep that is correct!

On average the mighty Facebook just uses up 25 percent of sharing.

And all the other societal sharing sites combined do not even come near that!

That leaves email using a huge chunk - upto 70% of all societal sharing.

Today you might be convinced that is not a problem...

After those societal sharing buttons on your blog add an "Email this to a friend" connection don't they?

Well I thought the exact same - but I discovered that...

It is possible to set up all of the fancy societal sharing buttons, pop ups, floaters and gimmicks that you would like...

It does not matter at all because...

90 May Probably Have Shared Your Content By Copy & Pasting!

That's right...

Not only is email the preferred means of sharing - People take action by cutting and pasting your own content!

And of course once they do - you get no benefit whatsoever.

You get no backlinks - no traffic - no nothing!

Recent stats have demonstrated that...

Up To 6 percent Of All Visits To Your Site Results In

Yeah that I thought this too...

That is a terrible lot of traffic you are missing from!

So that as I said - old habits die hard...

Now, the invention of societal sharing web sites like Facebook, individuals remain copy and pasting when they share that there too!

They're copy and pasting to share your blog content online forums, on Facebook, on Twitter, on their own blogs and ofcourse via email.

You've put blood, sweat and tears into creating that content - or've paid through the nose for plugins or writers to generate the content for you personally.

The very least you'd expect is a connection with a opportunity for some traffic visitors when people share your own content.

But unfortunately you receive not one of this

Until now that's...

Because we set out to create a remedy to this issue and what we came up with was a slight change to this old adage...

Make Them Work For You!

In the beginning I got angry learning that we were copy and pasting my content, sharing it without even giving me credit and links.

We thought of creating a plug in that will prevent this.

But then I calmed down and realized that...

People trying to share my articles is obviously a fantastic thing!

Of course if upto 70 percent of those prefer to do it via copy and pasting... and I actually don't receive credit for it then that is my own fault... not them slipping!

You'd want those 70% to keep doing the things they are doing - you just want to be sure they include your link.

We wished to create a simple plug in that will automatically detect if folks copy something out of your blog...

And if they glue the copied content to email, Face-book or anything - that the plugin must automatically include a link back to you

- and therefore Covert Copy Traffic has been born.

Thus without further ado. .

Let's Take A Look At How a Covert Copy Traffic

Firstly... If you haven't done so already... I highly suggest that you see the video above, where I offer a totally walkthrough presentation of how this powerful plugin works.

Covert Copy Traffic is also a super easy to use and put in (1 click setup) WordPress plugin. That means it's going to work with any personal computer, all that you need so as to use it, is still a self hosted WordPress blog.

In reality once you have installed and activated the plugin it'll already be working in your own blog - without you needing to accomplish other things!

The 7 seconds said from the headline wasn't really a cheap gimmick - we do signify very literally!

So lets look at an example of exactly what this powerful plugin does...

Following is a screen shot of my blogs - spot that the significant sharing buttons on the market!

As we now know around 70% of those individuals of these folks wanting to share that articles will ignore those buttons - and instead mark and copy the text just like I did this:

Then they'd paste the copied text to email or another origin - and I would get nothing from this!

However, because I've got the Covert Copy Traffic plug installed - a few clever "magical" happens behind the scenes...

And if they go to glue the material into their email or face-book - this happens...

Notice the way a Covert Copy Traffic plugin added my text and also the URL into the post the content has been copied from!

Now whenever folks copy and paste my content to face-book, Twitter, forums along with other places that I mechanically acquire a backlink and more traffic.

And more importantly - since we now understand email is your number 1 sharing procedure...

When people email this to your buddy - It could Receive forwardes, potentially going viral

My connection and text would be in every those mails - simply because I took the 7 minutes to set up this game changing plugin!

And this is what the plugin does mechanically, right out of this box minus the need to alter any settings!

However, ofcourse we gave you options to completely customize your links and text - as you see from the screen shot below...

You are able to...

* Change the writing looking before your own link. You have unlimited space here - and you will even leave it blank if you only need to show a hyperlink.

* You get full control over the connection you would like contained when folks copy and paste in the website.

* You can connect to the individual web sites this content was copied out of (great for profound links and targeted prospects).

* You can choose to join your blog's home page (great if you're working to position your front page or receive traffic there).

* You are able to link to some website - that could for instance be an affiliate link (a great way to make money from social sharing).

* You can also decide not to use some connections, if you simply need the text to appear.

* You decide if you would like your attribution (text and link) to reveal or below the copy-pasted material.

* and lastly it is possible to place the absolute minimum quantity of copied words required before the plug in activates your magic (if you set it to zero it will kick in if they copy as much as a blank distance from your site!))

That has been the "beneath the hood" look at how a plugin works and how easy it's to use.

And in spite of the fact that this really is really straightforward to install and use a 5 year old can do it...

This Plan Works Like Crazy And Here's Why...
We realize that most people talk about content via email, and almost all these achieve this by copying and copy.

By using this plugin, you aren't trying to get people to modify their habits.

You will be quite content to relax and allow them to keep on doing what they have always done...

Because now you reap the benefits whenever some one copies and shares your content!

And the Covert Copy Traffic plugin does not interfere with your societal marketing strategies in any way.

It simply comes from and mops up most of the traffic and links that you were missing out on before.

Here's a good illustration for you using the exact text out of the screenshots above...

If people click on the talk button on such website and choose face book - it would post there as ordinary and all would be peachy.

But again - we know that a massive chunk of these are going to copy and paste your articles to Facebook and normally this will give you nothing.

With Covert Copy traffic this occurs when they paste your content into face-book...

Since you may observe, the connection to your own site is automatically included here too!

Using technology like this is so powerful in generating traffic and links which would otherwise have been lost...

That Significant firms enjoy:

* National Geographic
* The New York Post
* Sunlight
* And The Daily Mail

All use this particular strategy on their own sites!

And we could definitely see why - because we have discovered that...

Blogs With Covert Copy Traffic Installed Get More Social Shares, More Backlinks & More Traffic Than Any Blogs Using Every Other Social Sharing Plans!

It stands to reason?

If around 70 percent of one's current stocks are finished by copy-pasting...

Therefore just by triggering this plug in your stats will increase immediately!

Main point here...

If your blog gets just a trickle of visitors - that this plugin will increase your numbers... period!

Nowadays You Could Be Forgiven For Believing A Plug in
This Powerful Would Cost You A Arm & A Leg!
The huge businesses I mentioned earlier in the day are paying a lot more than and arm and a leg for the tech they are using to achieve the exact task Covert Copy Traffic does.

But here is the kicker...

Although it's super expensive - that the material they use doesn't even give you half of the features We've included within our Plug in

And here is the really good news... we aren't going to charge a fee even near what they have been requesting for their inferior technology, because...

For A Limited Time Only You Could Get Your Hands On The Brand New Covert Copy Traffic Plugin In The Distinctive Low Earlybird Price!

Clearly folks are willing to pay huge money for a simple to employ technology That's Been Shown to improve your rankings, social sharingtraffic, traffic and traffic

And we fully want to discharge this at a greater price in the future - $67 or longer!

But at this time, and from that special page just... You might get the hands on the Covert Copy Traffic for a fraction of that!

When you order today you'll be "grandfathered" in and receive free upgrades for life

For the upcoming few men and women who dictate we'll even incorporate...

If your dictate the Covert Copy Traffic plugin from this distinctive page these days, we'll also contain multi-site and site flipping license at no excess price!

That means that you can...

Use Covert Duplicate Traffic as lots of one's blogs as you would like - existing and future ones!

You may use it on blogs you build for clients or on blogs that you turn for profit!

However, like I said this ancient bird special is still very time limited.

The price will go up

And you'll surely not see multi and site reversing permit included at this low a price tag, ever again!

Therefore take action today and...

Click On The Button Below To Secure Your Copy Of Your Covert Copy Traffic Plug in Before the Purchase Price Goes Up!

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