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If the PUR Adhesive is to dry it won’t adhere to the tiles properly and if it is to runny the glue will slump and not provide enough coverage on the tiles, both will result in adhesion failure and create loose or drummy tiles.

The BOPP adhesive tape is mainly used for dressing, sealing, temporary fixed, convergence signs, stationery and office equipment.

The sealing packaging tape is made of BOPP film as the substrate, and coated with a water emulsion pressure-sensitive adhesive, because of its advantages of weather resistance performance, strong tensile strength, light in weight, low cost, the use of a wide range.

So it is applicable to a variety of packaging sealing stick fixed, especially in the carton sealing glue, it can cooperate with the automatic packaging machine sealing and now has become the mainstream of packaging materials.

The common colors are transparent, beige, yellowish brown, earth brown, coffee, white, blue, red, green, yellow, orange and black. And custom printed packing tape of the trademark printing Adhesive Ink is available. Many companies can offer to printing packing tapes with logo, phone number, address, trademarks, patterns and other information printed on the tapes according to business needs.


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By WilliamNance
Added May 25 '17


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