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If you’re not familiar with Rocket League, I’ll attempt to explain the basics. You control a small vehicle, the equivalent of a remote-controlled car, piloted through a large arena. You can face off against other players or the A.I. in 2 vs. 2, 3 vs. 3, or 4 vs. 4 matches. The basic idea is that you’re playing soccer, with a large ball plopped into the center of Rocket League Crates  the arena that you’ll need to ram your car into repeatedly in order to bounce it into the opposing team’s goal. The catch? Rockets! Your vehicle boasts a limited boost function that not only propels you forward, but when combined with your jump ability you can move upwards, rocketing and bounding around the arena in order to clip or tap a mid-air ball to surprise your opponent.

This is sort of the core appeal of Rocket League. Mastering air control is pretty difficult, and at first a lot of your goals will feel more like luck than actual skill. However, over time, you’ll be pretty surprised at how well you get the hang of things. Thankfully, matchmaking does a pretty solid job of pairing you up against similarly skilled players, and even those with subpar abilities can feel useful and knock in the occasional goal, or manage to save the game by bouncing back an opposing shot. The game rewards players for various things by granting points, which in turn will allow you to build your experience level and unlock tons of cosmetic items.

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By xingwang
Added Apr 1 '18


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