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The Brake glue system works to ensure consistent clutch engagement and disengagement.Always know where your bomb is so even if he smokes it, you can spray when he tries to defuse. If you have people peeking the same angle, try to kill one and then fall back.

 If you have people peeking the same angle, try to kill one and then fall back.Take 1v1s wherever you can get them. Spraying down multiple people usually only works if your opponents are either blind or you have somehow positioned yourself in an angle all of them have deemed unimportant to check. If you have people at opposite angles, try to shoot at one and if you don’t kill them, turn around and try to kill the person who might just try to run up on you.

Use info to position yourself. Try to reposition carefully, being mobile but also silent. It is crucial they don’t know where you are. Don’t expose yourself to two angles if you can help it. Off-angles are crucial to clutching and powerful late round as they are unpredictable. You can even mix up your positioning.

 Planting open on Cache and then hiding quad or forklift can throw people off.Use your trigger discipline and have a calm mindset. Oftentimes, people take too little time lining up their shot or pull their trigger on the first person that walks by them. Sometimes, there are multiple people coming from the same angle. If you kill the first one right away, the second one will know where you are and in all likelihood kill you. Relax and remind yourself that you have been reading this article to help prep you for this exact situation.

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By chinaclutchbrake
Added Oct 26 '17



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