The best China Log Splitter for certain jobs from CICIVIVI's blog

The previous options all have the niches and are the best China Log Splitter for certain jobs. The CNsuperpower Outdoor Power Equipment log splitter, however, can pretty much handle anything you throw at it. Some of its features include:

    Can split logs up to twenty-six inches in length
    Vertical and horizontal splitting positions
    Has a trailer hitch and stable wheels for movability
    Automatic return of the ram at the end of the cycle

As with the previous option, this log splitter also has a relatively short cycle time. The CNsuperpower Outdoor Power Equipment log splitter comes in at a respectable seventeen second cycle time.

The options for vertical or horizontal splitting are a major benefit of this log splitter as well. It allows you to split larger logs without having to lift them onto the horizontal splitter.

Since the CNSUPERPOWER Outdoor Power Equipment log splitter has twenty-five tons of force, it can split both hardwood and softwood. Additionally, freshly cut, pliable wood should not be an issue.

The main issue with this log splitter comes from its sheer weight. Since it is rated for twenty-five tons, it is naturally a much heavier machine than other options. Because of this, you absolutely need two people in order to assemble it.

One of the major concerns when choosing which log splitter will be best for you is your own personal need. If you do not need the amount of tonnage that this machine offers, then you would be better off with a smaller, more portable option.

Speaking of portable, although this machine does come with a trailer hitch attachment, it is very heavy and cannot be moved without a tractor of some kind. If you plan on using this splitter by the woodpile, then this will not be a huge concern, just something to keep in mind.

Overall, although it is not as portable as other options, the CNsuperpower Outdoor Power Equipment Gas Powered Log Splitter is an excellent heavy duty choice. If your log splitting needs fit the bill, this splitter can pretty much handle anything you throw at it.
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