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That's the first time we've heard about that.' Shortly after the OSRS gold explosions, police confirmed that there was no immediate danger to anyone in and around the football stadium.Police said in a statement they were working on the assumption that the blasts were caused by 'serious explosive devices', which may have been hidden in a hedge near a car park.

They didn't elaborate on the possible nature of the devices or say who might have planted them ahead of first-leg match between Borussia Dortmund and Monaco.Explosive devices were believed to have been placed in a bush by the road along which the bus was travelling, according to German newspaper Bild. '

The explosive devices were placed outside the bus. Several windows were broken,' police spokesman Gunnar Wortmann was quoted as saying.In a statement.

Dortmund police said earlier that they could not say 'exactly what the more benefit explosion was or exactly where something exploded'.'According to what is currently known, the windows of the bus were (entirely or partly) smashed and one person was injured,' Dortmund police said, adding that the incident happened in Hoechsten, located outside the city. Several windows were smashed in the explosion, and Bartra, a Spanish national, was the only player to be taken to hospital.

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By rsgoldfastcom
Added Nov 25 '18



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