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It’s obvious that Psyonix has more talent and resources than most other independent studios, but they’re still not at the same level as the true juggernauts like EA, Activision, Ubisoft (and all the studios they own), along with the first-party development teams on the various platforms. Psyonix has been able to carve out its own little corner of the industry, which typically doesn’t happen with indie games since they’re so much of them, and their quality isn’t always anything amazing. But, Rocket League is an example of a quality indie game, which has gradually been growing in abundance over the past few years.

As time goes on, it’s definitely expected that more indie games like this will pop up. Nintendo has taken notice of this and has tightened its policy on when it comes to the quality level of games that are being greenlit for Rocket League Keys release on the Switch eShop. The ‘bar of entry’ was set incredibly low on 3DS and Wii U; probably because Nintendo just wanted to get as much support as possible. But after so many complaints of the shovelware that turned up on those systems from amateur studios, now the Big N is making sure the Switch offers up titles of much higher quality. We’ve been seeing that from the very beginning back in March, and Rocket League is virtually the biggest achievement so far from an indie perspective.

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By xingwang
Added Mar 27 '18


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