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Lazy Pro Fit Engine Review: Things To Expect After Buying...

Lazy Profit Engine

It isn't exactly the 'lazy way' of making a lot of money on the web, unfortunately it does not exist.

But this product is worthwhile for anyone considering creating earnings with YouTube video reviews. The possibility is excellent for anybody eager to put in the effort.

Complete Review of Profit Engine

I was initially emailed about it product through a guy named Spencer who I've bought from in the past. I was interested enough out of his email so I checked out the sales page to learn more. Turns out he product creator is Brett Hitchcock and he has partnered up with Spencer to bring LPE into the world.

Apparently, the product shows you the lazy way of earning $100+ each day in as few as 2030 work per day. Was I skeptical? Damn straight. I have purchased tons of products from guys claiming this type of thing so I instantly had my guard up. I won't say the sales hype has been overly overhyped though and also the kind of income results being shown are far more realistic than most. In addition, I realize that Spencer is just a pretty genuine guy, and so I chose to get this and determine what all the fuss was about.

What's Lazy Profit Engine?

More details:

After purchasing the product you Receive the Typical up Sells before obtaining the product:

LPE Guru ($27)- traffic training, Live webinar and some kind of software
Any Niche Companion ($47)- Ends up the main training is designed to work primarily inside the 'make money on the Web' market Therefore this is going to help you use the product with any niche you choose

I did not buy either of those and I rarely do if it comes to up-sells. Once in the members area you're greeted with a 29 page PDF and 14 screencast videos produced by Brett to explain to you the way to make every thing work and put all of it together.
The Lazy strategy and Fastest Method

The videos have been divided in to 2 chief segments- the Lazy method and the Optimal method. I'll discuss what to expect within each video below.

The 'Lazy Method' Modules

Video #1 (56 seconds): This is really a welcome video showing you just how to subscribe for a no cost Warrior Plus account. This is a joint venture partner system which most of you're probably familiar with. Simply speaking, signing up for a merchant account there permits you to promote their products.

Video #2 (3:49 mins): How to subscribe for a Google account after which the Blogger account, which really is a very simple approach to create a blog. The PDF claims that WordPress is preferable however this really is the newbie friendly method to do it. I like his reasoning here however I suggest WordPress, even for newbies. The reason I use a platform called Wealthy Affiliate which produces creating a WordPress blog/ web site stupid simple. This platform enables you to create your first 2 web sites for free and maintain them for life, along with a bunch of other cool items. It will not matter over the range of this system that platform you choose though so anything you decide is no big thing.

If you are a newcomer to this market place, I think this section is quite worthwhile watching.

Video #4 (4:36 mins): Within this market place, you have to ask permission from the product owner to promote it. Brett shows you how to request permission and grab your affiliate link. In addition, he provides insight into improving your approval prices.

Video #5 (4:22) : that is the location where you're shown the meat of stuff you'll soon be doing with the program, which is YouTube video reviews. You are shown how to take screenshots of numerous components in the sellers sales page to use as articles for your video.

Video #6 (5:31 mins): In this module Brett demonstrates how to receive your first blog post up which is quite simple a headline, an image and any text. In addition, he walks through other important elements of which makes this method work.

Video #7 (5:38 mins): Find out how to use an entirely free of charge and simple method of creating and uploading your inspection video right into YouTube. I have to say that is dead simple and one anyone can do. These are just short videos which do not ask that you get before the camera or even perform a voice within. Straightforward stuff.

Video #8 (5:09): This video teaches you just how to set everything up in ways which will not see your accounts prohibited from YouTube, it can occur to franchisees every so often. By the end of this task you should possess your video live and sales funnel in place so that when folks watch the video they click through and (hopefully) buy the product you're promoting.

Video #9 (2:54): Putting a call to activity over the video to acquire more of clicking on the link within your mailbox. That is crucial because if no one clicks this, you wont create a cracker.

Video #10 (5:45): This pretty much covers off it by displaying an overview of all you've learned thus far. At this point, you've learned the practice of earning profits doing video reviews without showing that person or using your voice. The next 4 videos explain to you just how to earn more money and use a much better strategy. These first 10 videos have been really just to get the toes wet.

The 'Fastest Method' Modules

Video #1-1 (2:48 mins): demonstrates to you the most recommended screencast software to use that will be absolutely free, this may be precisely the identical software Brett uses himself.

Video #12 (3:06 mins): Among the finest ways to increase traffic is to provide the folks seeing your supply page any sort of bonus. Brett teaches one of the best and simplest solution to select a fantastic bonus to offer.

Essentially, Brett shows you that the 4 chief sections he uses to create this articles of the critique videos and massively increase your conversions. This is actually fantastic value for people brand new to this system of marketing and it is the result of their or her own trial and error and experience. I highly suggest paying close attention to this video if you really do buy.

I won't give it off, but I shall say I feel this can be a very simple and incredibly powerful approach to build among the greatest assets you possibly might being a online marketer, a client email list. That is sensible marketing.

The Bonuses

There are 3 bonuses up. The initial one is all about article marketing, the 2nd offers you a couple different ways to generate free traffic and the 3rd one could be the actual 'howto' of the customer list building I just explained in the finished video.


I don't advise getting in to the initial two bonuses too much though. It isn't that they lack significance because such, it's only that you'll probably end up becoming overrun by everything and give up before earning hardly any money. I recommend sticking primarily into the core training and the next bonus.

My Take On The General Strategy

Some of the major reasons both of these strategies work well is because you will be targeting low competition keywords this means you will get your videos ranked within search results quite fast and readily. Don't stress, a keyword is only the key phrase you're targeting. For example, "Product X Inspection" is just a key word. You never need to be always a key word expert or whatever to make this work. The bottom line is that 'low-competition' strategy works very well and you're able to build your traffic steadily over time.

What I Liked Profit Engine

Very easy system to trace along with implemetn
Not a Lot of sales hype and does not over fill your expectations
Brett is a Really ethical and straightforward guy who appears to genuinely want to give folks value
YouTube marketing Offers a massive opportunity for anyone prepared to put the effort in
Very Good value for money

What I Did Not Like

Doing reviews without Purchasing the product Isn't something I really urge (long duration Atleast)
Limited by the make money online market (massively profitable though)
The Majority of the products You're promoting for this technique are low ticket rather than recurring

The Verdict

If you obey the training and take consistent actions, you are going to surely see results.

Final Thoughts

I need to say, Brett is among the most straight forward marketers I've come around in this particular space. He really does explain each measure in a manner that anyone can follow and there is zero 'fluff' over the full training. I really don't say this often I can assure you. He receives full marks for as an ethical marketer that strives to provide value to people.

Would I state you might just spend 20 30 minutes daily to set up 'profit machines' on full autopilot that tug a lot of capital? No. It's true, you may set the basic review videos this way up (modules 110) but that is simply not just what can make you a lot of money though. Those videos are really only a great method for newbies to get rolling and for those who really are a bit camera shy/ voice shy. The gold is over the last 4 videos.

Overall this can be a great solution to get started in video marketing and anybody ready to adhere to along with steps and take actions will absolutely see results. Considering that the massive potential over the video promoting space I could safely say creating a fulltime income for this particular strategy is not from the picture. Of course, there will be more to learn and more products to get across the way if that type of money was your goal, however the chance is certainly there.

It's true... a lot of individuals fail to create money on the web. Despite the abundance of opportunity that now exists, there exists a mountain of misinformation and bunk programs out there.

Thankfully, there's a real means for the ordinary person to begin a profitable online enterprise. I know because I've done it myself. This is the way I moved from $0 $6k plus per month online.

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