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Once a student is sure of his achievements academically, he is contented that he has done his part. Pridecomes when one is sure of his input especially in areas that are believed to be complex. However, the million dollar question is, why do some of them go this far? One, there are those who are somewhat lazy in conditions of making subject areas research, so to speak. This makes them go the extent to seek external assistance, sometimes without the knowledge of their lecturer. Researching is one area that has its challenges that will lead to the student seeking help from if they realize it has its intricate part.

Secondly, there are those who are able to develop interesting subject areas that will enhance quite an exciting experience of the investigation. However, how they represent their facts is what matters. They are not able to come up with a convincing document that will be presented as the final report of the whole process, another reason that makes them go to the experts, so to speak. This poses quite a task to academics to ensure that they impart the students with requisite knowledge in as far as this is concerned. This is the only way that will make the student very pleased with their input.

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