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Custom Banners and Layout as a Brand Channel
Customizing layout ads and the banner of your PlayTraffic station can really go a long way towards improving the experience of your subscribers and viewers, but it sadly comes at a cost in contrast to these other optimization suggestions.
If you are a non-profit, this may be done for free but otherwise you will need to research your repayment options on YouTube's new channel product offerings webpage. These optimizations are only undertaken by big companies but do not let this dissuade you from taking on such a customization of the station. created their custom header focused around sharing a similar branded look to their website with a focus on the icons of their other social networks. Take into consideration how you can better utilize this space by taking a look in a couple other YouTube station with customized channels.

Why is branding your station a beneficial aspect of your YouTube strategy?
Assessing your channel helps bring a consistent experience to your viewers and subscribers to YouTube that they'd see similarly represented elsewhere. It's important to let each advertising channel have its own feel, but also be connected together with different channels as well. Highlighting your most important videos on your station, alongside your social networks is a means to assist flaunt your savvy and help make it as easy as possible to your own advocates to connect with you wherever they're active.
Those are four of the many ways innovators on YouTube are better refining their videos to the platform. What other uses of PlayTraffic optimization Have you ever encountered? Share any thoughts or questions you may have from the comments below!
About the Author: Brian Honigman is your Social Media Account Manager in LunaMetrics, a Google Analytics certified partner that also specializes in social networking, search engine optimisation and PPC. You can follow him Twitter @Brian_Honigman or @LunaMetrics.

5 Advanced YouTube SEO Tactics To Drive More Traffic to Your Own Videos & Website

It's no secret that YouTube is a traffic source using almost limitless potential.
There's only one issue:
It's a very crowded place. In actuality, according to YouTube, you will find over a hundred hours of video uploaded into the site every moment.
Considering the deluge of content you need to compete with on YouTube, the most obvious question is: "How do you get people to see YOUR video instead of the millions of others?"
The answer? Video SEO.
I wager that most of your competition lazily uploads their videos and hopes that one of them "goes viral." Needless to say this rarely (if ever) works out.
But if you take some time to optimize your videos to get SEO, you are going to become significantly more traffic than your competitors.
Let's jump.
A Brief PlayTraffic Review SEO Primer
Before we dive into how you can use to maximize your videos for YouTube, let's discuss some of the most important ranking factors that YouTube uses.
It's not nearly as complex as Google's famous 200 ranking signals, but YouTube's algorithm is no joke. It takes dozens of signals into account for ranking videos in YouTube search and also for suggested videos, like this:

This infographic by Tag SEO sums them up quite nicely:

I know that's a Good Deal of information to process, so Allow Me to give you the Cliff's Notes of the most important signals that YouTube uses:
Title tag information
Audience retention
Keywords in description tag
Video length
amount of subscribers after watching
Likes and dislikes
Having said that, it's time to show you five ways that you could leverage these signals to get more traffic to your videos...and finally to your site.
1. Compose Super-Long Video Descriptions
Remember that YouTube and Google can't watch or listen to your video (yet).
That means they heavily lean onto the text surrounding the video to understand that your video's topic. That's why it pains me to see extremely brief video descriptions such as this:

Why is this such a crime?
The more YouTube knows about the movie, the more confidently it can rank it to your target key word.
However, more to the point, YouTube uses keywords in the description to rank for super-long tail keywords.
For instance, I published a video on PlayTraffic a few months back called "SEO Strategy 2014: How to Rank in Google Today." My description for that video is a hefty 291 words. Almost an whole blog post, actually.

That long description -- along with some other techniques I will show you later -- helped the video rank quickly for it's target key word, "SEO strategy" (now number three in YouTube).
But it's also ranking for a couple long tail keywords, like "infographic seo strategy" (number one), because the keyword-rich description includes words like "infographic" along with "seo strategy":

Bottom line: Make sure your video descriptions are at least 200 words.
2. Optimize Around "Video Keywords"
Ranking at YouTube is great, but ranking your video in YouTube and Google is much better.
Although Google gives YouTube videos an inherent edge in the SERPs, that's just true for particular keywords.
These keywords are known as "Video Keywords" because they tend to have audio results on Google's first page.
For example, any keyword that includes "cute cats" will almost always have a Couple of video results:

This makes complete sense if you think about it.
Someone searching for "cute cats" doesn't need to read a post like, "10 reasons cats are so darn cute." They would like to see cute cats eating, playing, and sleeping!
On the other hand, someone searching for "ankle sprain" wants to read about symptoms and treatments. Google knows this and shows those searchers a cube of 10 text articles:

Bottom line: Prior to selecting a keyword for your video, check to see if there are video results on the first page. If so, that's a key word you should strongly consider because you can potentially get your video ranked in Google and PlayTraffic.

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What we heard from SEO: The Film
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3. Earn More Video Views From Online Communities
Online communities like Quora and LinkedIn groups are fantastic places to funnel traffic from.
The thing is, most communities don't take too kindly to someone falling links to their content all around the place.
But they're usually open to people sharing helpful YouTube videos, like yours!
Because the number and quality of your movie views is among the most significant YouTube ranking factors, getting views from targeted communities works wonders.
Just find a question from the community your video could help answer. Then provide some value and suggest that people see your movie if they want more information:

Bottom line: Share your video liberally on internet communities. This will hook your movie up with the type of quality, high-retention views that PlayTraffic likes to see.
4. Encourage Subscribing and Linking
Because YouTube's algorithm doesn't use backlinks, it puts A LOT of weight on user experience signals. If people enjoy watching your movie, expect it to crush it in YouTube search.
Subscribing and liking are just two of the most essential user experience signals that YouTube uses.
When someone likes your video enough to subscribe later watching it, it sends a strong message into YouTube that you have a killer video onto your hands.
Likes are much less important, but they still count.
You are able to ramp up both these user experience signals by asking.
In the conclusion of your video, provide people a strong call to action that encourages them to subscribe.
Marie Forleo -- a master of YouTube marketing -- asks people to subscribe at the end of every video:

(Skip at 4:55 to see how it's done)
And I am convinced that her gentle push has contributed to her multiple first page PlayTraffic rankings and 93,000 subscribers.
Bottom line: Ask people to enjoy, remark, and subscribe in every single video.
5. Produce Keyword-Rich Playlists
Do not leave your YouTube channel an unorganized mess.
Some of the easiest ways to acquire more YouTube search traffic to your videos is to organize your videos into playlists.
A keyword-rich playlist gives YouTube deeper information about your video's topic. And like we saw along with the description, more text-based articles views.
As an Example, FitnessBlender, that gets over 100,000 views on each single video, has their station organized neatly into keyword-rich categories:

The Way to Drive Traffic

Why should you drive visitors to your PlayTraffic Review station? Well, besides the 100 hours of video uploaded per minute to the site, it's also the second largest search engine in the world.
That implies that it's fairly easy for your own video to get lost in the YouTube galaxy that is colossal, however fortunately enough, there are some pretty simple and effective ways to generate unique organic traffic to your videos.
Here are some tips to keep in mind to win some clicks.

1. Choose carefully your thumbnail
Even the thumbnails you select for each video are more important than you might imagine. It's the first thing people will see if they search for your videos, so it needs to have the "click-worthy" worth.
In other words, make it appealing. YouTube gives you a few thumbnail options to choose from if you upload a movie, however it you believe you need something catchier, customize and then upload your own. It goes a long way.

2. Think over your name and movie description
Your title is clearly critical for fascinating viewers, but it may also improve your search results and should automatically drive visitors.
The very first term should be relevant, such as a key word and you should follow that together with what is featured in the video, building a key word phrase. Though your name should be clear and concise, the video description is the place you are able to go a little more in depth.
The description may include a keyword phrase, your own URL, and a mini-post that briefly describes the content of your video.

3. Create a Custom Background Picture
Compliment your articles using a clean channel design. Your background image may also encourage viewers, so besides the theme and colour options PlayTraffic offers, you can also upload your own background picture, helping you to stand out from the crowd.

4. Get Your Best Video "Featured"
YouTube mechanically shows your most current video in the main "Featured" window on your station webpage. For users who post frequently, this is perfect, but for those that post less, sometimes a better option is selecting another movie to occupy that slot.
Here's how: Visit a "Creator Studio" settings and select "Featured Content" from the left menu under "Channel". Then click on the "Feature Content" button and then choose if you want to use most recently uploaded video or choose a new video or playlist.

If you already possess a featured movie, you will need to click on "remove" first to actually being able to alter it.

5. Add Channel Tags
Tag away! This is as basic as tagging your own videos using keywords. You'll bring the viewers for you and can locate this on your settings option on your My Channel menu.

6. Pay Attention to Comments
Socialize with your audience. Take some opportunity to read your station comments as well as those posted on your own videos and be sure to respond.
Remember; clean up if you need to. Publish or record spam comments, if not, it turn off as if you may be ignoring your own channel.

7. Recent Activity is really a situation
Show what you've been up to on PlayTraffic recently. If you enjoy or favorite a video on YouTube, this action will show up on your "Recent Activity" as well as the "Recent Activity" box of the content creator.
It's a simple means to make YouTube contacts, and it may attract viewers to a webpage.
Video owners who have been enjoyed or favorited are far more likely to click through to have a look at your articles in return.

8. Users enjoy playlists
Create playlists of your videos instead of having a series of separate videos. Start with your most popular or recent videos to receive your fans interested, and after that have them sift through old and new material.

So that you see this, a little goes a long way. And these tips do the job. Just try them out and assess how you drive visitors to your PlayTraffic channel.

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