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Heading into the current season of The Ultimate Fighter, Cody Bollinger was pinned as a considerable favorite to win the show. Swingman Mike Bibby Jersey . His resume was nothing short of impressive, a 14-2 (1 NC) record including nine finishes. The 22-year old started competing in mixed martial arts at the age of 15 due to a love of wrestling at an early age. "I started wresting at the age of four and to stay in shape in the (wrestling) off-season, they had jiu-jitsu (and other disciplines). I ended up being decent at it and I really enjoyed it," said Bollinger to "After I finished wrestling I took (MMA) more seriously and thats basically where it all started." The results were inspiring. Through his first 14-fights, the California native had amassed a successful 12-1-1 record and in 2012, received a phone call from the Bellator Fighting Championships. Not only did the promotion want to sign him, they also wanted him to compete in their upcoming featherweight tournament. "I was excited man, I felt I worked really hard and I was finally getting the opportunity to show off some of skills that I have." However his stint with the promotion was short- lived, as Russian powerhouse Shahbulat Shamhalaev would finish Bollinger in the first round during their quarter-final matchup at Bellator 76. Shamhalaev would go on to win the tournament and Bollinger would be released from his contract. "Unfortunately it didnt go the way I planned, some things happened and I had a pretty crappy fight," said Bollinger. "Overall it was a good experience and it made me a better fighter. They ended up releasing me and I went back to work for a while. Then I found out about (The Ultimate Fighter) and tried out for the show." "Bam Bam" was actually a big fan of the UFC reality series ever since his head coach won the show back in 2005. "Joe Stevenson was actually on Season 2 and hes my godfather. Ever since that season I was like Im going to be on that show one day." Prior to trying out for the show, Bollinger had never fought at bantamweight (135lbs). All of his 16-fights were in the featherweight (145lb) division and his natural weight is around 155-160 pounds. On this ground-breaking 18th season, it would be the first time in the series history that the UFC would be casting both male and female bantamweight fighters. "We really focused on getting down to 136lb and winning the fight to get into the house," said Bollinger That is exactly what happened, phase one was complete as the Millennia MMA product defeated Rafael De Freitas in his opening bout to earn his spot in the house. He made quite the impression as Coach Miesha Tate made Bollinger her first overall pick. "After that we were so focused on making weight the first time and getting into the house, I never really thought about (the weight cut) being a lot different in the house. Every week, twice a week Im going to have to be cutting down to within five pounds." But there were other challenges ahead that the father of one didnt anticipate. "Everyone else in there was a natural (bantamweight); it was really different from me to the other guys and girls." Fast forward to the ninth episode this season and these challenges would confront Bollinger head-on. Scheduled to fight Team Rouseys Anthony Gutierrez, Bollinger was already struggling to make weight. "When I (Dropped down to) 145 pounds I had hit 4% body fat, so I knew it was going to be the hardest thing in my life." His coaches Miesha Tate and Bryan Caraway tried to help Bollinger make the weight, motivating and working with him in the sauna as he endured the brutal process. This was the biggest opportunity of his career and clearly he didnt want to miss out. With an uphill battle ahead, Bollinger ultimately failed; only getting down to 141 pounds and telling UFC President Dana White the unfortunate news that he didnt make the 135lb weight requirement.  He was subsequently kicked off the show and extremely devastated. "I didnt expect it to be that hard." The catalyst for his release he believes was the unanticipated elements that he didnt factor into account, prior to earning a spot in the house. "Youre taken out of your element; youre put in pretty much isolation with people you dont even know. Then you have to do interviews, pictures and other crazy stuff. It all adds up and I didnt adjust well enough." But it wasnt all bad news in the end for the California native. To the surprise of many, after the episode aired it was revealed that Bollinger had signed a multi-fight deal with the Las Vegas based World Series of Fighting promotion. Many questioned if making this announcement prior to the conclusion of this seasons The Ultimate Fighter would have any legal implications. "We worked something out, I talked to Dana White off camera and the conversation was completely different than what they showed on camera. It worked out to where they released me when the episode aired so I was able to announce it right away." Bollingers situation is a unique circumstance because when a fighter loses on the show, they must remain in the house and train with their team until the end of the season (due to potential injuries). Because Bollinger got kicked off, he became a free agent. "It worked out well, instead of punishing me - and making me wait. (The UFC released me) right away which was really awesome of (Dana White)." The biggest question coming off his weight-cut woes on the Ultimate Fighter is will he still be competing at 135lbs? "Im staying at bantamweight, I can make the weight as long as I got the time and Im at home at my camp. I can make the weight no doubt." Surprisingly Bollinger opted not to pursue a contract with Bellator, whom he not only previously competed for, but whom also has a major television deal with Spike TV. "I talked to a couple promotions and from the get go (WSOF) stood out, not only financially, the terms of the contract, the number of fights and re-singing and all that." While no opponent has been announced for his WSOF debut in January, there are plenty of rumors floating around, including 25-year old Carson Beebe. "I think (Beebe) is a great match up, I like Carson Beebe we trained together at Jacksons MMA. If I end up fighting him, its a great matchup." Another name hitting the rumor mill is knockout artist Tyson Nam (12-5), who holds a first round stoppage over current Bellator bantamweight champion Eduardo Dantas. "If that fight does happen, I think its going to be an exciting war and I think I can finish that fight impressively." Should that fight take place, Bollinger thinks he can handle the 30-year old in all aspects of the fight game. "I can take that fight anywhere, Im confident in my hands and my striking ability. And if he does rock me I dont see anyone who can outwrestle me at 135lbs." Looking back at the whole experience on The Ultimate Fighter, Bollinger is disappointed but has no regrets. He believes the competition is there in WSOFs bantamweight division and hes found a home to continue his MMA career. "As long as they can keep providing the competition, Im happy where Im at. I wouldnt change the situation (Im in) right now; I would go through it all again." For those fans and pundits who are critical of Bollinger becoming the latest Ultimate Fighter castoff missing weight, he has these final words. "You guys deserve your opinion, if somebody else had missed weight I would have said the same thing. I never missed weight in my life, unfortunately it was the one time it was completely unacceptable." Follow Cody on Twitter @CodyBollinger Kirk Hinrich Hawks Jersey . Once again, DeLaet finished tied for second at a PGA Tour stop on the weekend, this time at the Waste Management Phoenix Open. The pride of Weyburn, Sask. Mike Bibby Hawks Jersey . Manuel was offered a position the day he was fired. He accepted earlier this week and the team made the announcement Friday. . Hamelin, who triumphed in the 500 on Saturday, edged out Victor An of Russia by 0.021 seconds to maintain his lead in the World Cup standings. Russias Vladimir Grigorev was third. In the relay, Canada took control six laps from the finish line to beat Russia and the Netherlands.EDMONTON -- The Edmonton Eskimos say quarterback Mike Reilly is out indefinitely with a concussion, and dispute suggestions they should have pulled him from the game after he took the vicious blow to the back of his head. Team general manager Ed Hervey says staff will monitor Reillys progress and then make a determination when -- or if -- he comes back this season. "Theyre going through the (concussion) protocol for the rest of the week and well (then) make that determination," Hervey told a news conference Monday at Commonwealth Stadium. Reilly, 28, went down with a minute to go in the first quarter of Saturdays 34-22 loss to the Toronto Argonauts at Commonwealth. It came from a hellacious, and illegal, hit by Argo defensive end Cleyon Laing as the Esks were driving for a touchdown. Reilly took the shotgun snap and was immediately flushed from the pocket. He ran left, then cut right and headed up the middle, but was caught by Argo linebacker Robert McCune and defensive end Ivan Brown. They had Reilly in a vise and were pulling him to the ground when Laing charged in from the backside and drilled his helmet into the back of Reillys helmet, causing Reillys head to snap violently forward. Reilly lay motionless on the turf for almost 10 seconds while receiver Nate Coehoorn looked down at him and frantically signalled the medical staff to come on. Reilly said he was never unconscious while on the ground and on Monday said he didnt know what Coehoorn was so concerned about. "Youd have to ask Nate. I dont know," he said. By the time staff arrived Reilly had staggered to his feet, looking dazed and a bit disoriented, waving away one of the trainers and taking a deep breath. Reilly told reporters Monday he felt fine after the hit. "I felt great," said Reilly. "I was more concerned about the rest of my body than my head. "I didnt feel like there was any head issues. I felt very clear. I was able to talk to the medical staff about anything that was going on. I had no headaches, no dizziness, no confusion. While I was on the field I felt 100 per cent mentally like I was able to play." Reilly was assessed for about a minute and given the green light. He said he felt clearheaded enough to take in the next play via the headset in his helmet, read the defence, adjust the throw for a press defence, and toss a 17-yard fade route to Shamawd Chambers in the end zone for seven points. "I felt great about my ability to assess the play and executive it properly," he said. During that play it Laing got free again, looping up the middle to drill Reilly in the shoulder as he threw. Reilly said it was a hard hit but did not contribute to the concussion. He said he began feeling the effects of the concussion when he went to the sideline while the special teams kicked the extra point. "When the first symptomm popped up, at that point they (the medical staff) shut it down and said, Theres no chance youre even getting close to the field," said Reilly. Dominique Wilkins Hawks Jersey. He said he has felt good since the hit, has not had nausea or headaches. Reilly, head coach Kavis Reed and Hervey all stressed that training staff relied mainly -- and properly -- on Reillys responses to questions to keep him in the game. "Our training staff has followed every protocol in regards to this matter," added Hervey. "The player showed no signs (of concussion) at that time, and we stick by that. "We would never put a player in jeopardy here in Edmonton." The CFL has taken an active approach in the last two years to reduce concussions in the league. League-issued guidelines stress that players who take severe shots in the head and neck be assessed for 12 symptoms, including dizziness, disorientation, or confusion. Staff are urged in those situations to always err on the side of caution and pull a player. The medical community is stressing the dangers of allowing players with concussions to continue playing because of second impact syndrome. "Sometimes experiencing a second concussion before signs and symptoms of a first concussion have resolved may result in rapid and typically fatal brain swelling," reports the website from the internationally recognized Mayo Clinic in the United States. "It is important for athletes never to return to sports while theyre still experiencing signs and symptoms of a concussion." Michael Copeland, the CFLs president and chief operating officer, said the league believes the Eskimos followed proper protocol in diagnosing Reilly. "The trainers were right out on the field immediately after the hit, he said. "The trainers assessed the player, they asked him questions about head and neck pain, they asked him questions about headaches and he responded that wasnt experiencing any of those. "It was only until after the subsequent play, which got a lot of attention because he threw a touchdown pass, when he was on the sidelines that he first raised the issue of perhaps having some concussion-related symptoms. At that point they did the right thing in removing him from the game, which is what our protocol requires the medical staff to do. They did follow all the right protocol." Copeland added the CFL brings its medical personnel together at the leagues annual congress each winter to discuss injury protocol as well as health-and-safety issues. "I can tell your our medical staffs are incredibly engaged," he said. "These people are motivated and driven by their own professional responsibilities and requirements. "They look at these things very very closely and I think in this case they followed their normal procedures which you would expect them to do." Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys China NFL Cheap Jerseys Cheap Jersey ' ' '

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