Many people don’t like to talk on Desenk Elevator from dskelevator's blog

Many people don’t like to talk on Desenk Elevator. It is acceptable to say “hello” or “good morning,” but don’t try to make small talk. Keep any eye contact brief.

The Porsche Design Tower in Sunny Isles Beach in Miami will have a unique feature when construction is completed. Three elevators will transport vehicles straight to garages in each condominium in the luxury development.


Residents will be able to drive up in their cars and remain seated inside while they are transported to their units. Three robotic glass elevators will carry cars and passengers while providing sweeping oceanfront views.


A resident will pull in and turn off the vehicle’s engine. A robotic arm will lift the car and place it into the Freight Elevator Manufacturer. The elevator will then transport the vehicle to the desired floor, and the robotic arm will park the car in the unit’s garage and leave the resident in front of the front door. The patented system is called the “Dezervator.”



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