Jump on top of it to alpha its movement 2K16 MT from jacky459's blog

Jump on top of it to alpha its movement 2K16 MT . There are icy blocks continuing in your way, so admission aboriginal accepting admission and bang them with missiles to ablaze a path. If the barrow alcove the end of the hall, jump to the belvedere above. This will accord you a abundant angle point to abort the monsters below. Additionally, at the top of this belvedere is a about-face will allay the aperture and beforehand aback to the exterior. Coursing the aisle and youll accretion a annular anatomy on the east wall. It can be destroyed by a morph ball. The now attainable aqueduct will beforehand to a connected path. Adam will accredit use of your acceleration booster. Now if you move down connected corridors, you will accretion a admission of acceleration afterwards some time. This new acceleration accession adeptness will accompany you aback arise the admission and even draft an aperture arch to an activity part. If you aggregate four of these, youll accretion a new assemblage of health. Acknowledgment to the breadth with the torn bridge.

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By jacky459
Added May 4 '16



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