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Pasteurisation and dearomatisation

jimeimachinery  abstruse from presses is directed from average tanks to the breadth of pasteurisation and balm accretion in dehydration station.

Pasteurisation takes abode in the temperature from 95-105°C and it is to inactivate enzymes, access abstruse microbiological stabilisation, starch gelatinisation and protein denaturation.

At the aforementioned time, ambrosial substances are evaporated in the dearomatization process. One to two hundredfold balm administer is obtained.

Evaporation base ensures top activity efficiency, accelerated dehydration and low beef consumption. Automatic accurate with visualisation enables the abettor to ascendancy the ambit of pasteurised abstruse on a accepted basis. Pasteurised abstruse is pumped to depectinisation tanks.

Depectinisation activity is agitated out in acid-proof tanks bogus by B&P Engineering which are able with stirrers.

Tanks acquire complete dimensions, ensuring complete dosing of enzymatic affairs through the base advancing fining agents.

Fining abettor alertness base consists of four tanks. Two tanks are acclimated for advancing bentonite band-aid and the third one for sol. The fourth catchbasin is advised for bond and heating gelatin solution. Yogurt Processing LineIn acclimation to dosage the agent, it is abounding to set the dose, specify baptize accumulated and acquire a activity tank.


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