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Users are excited as Roku introduced something new into the market. And the products launched are Roku 4 media streaming player, mobile app, and upgraded operating system. The detailed description of the new launches is given below. Also, if you need info about Roku product you can

contact to Roku customer support Number

Roku 4 Streaming Media Player

Roku 4 streaming media player contains a slim spacing-saving profile. Also, it is big in size from the previous Roku Boxes. For quick menu and effective content access, it includes an inbuilt Quad-Core processor. It supports 4K video resolution after connecting to ultra HD TV and you may also connect it to access native 4K streaming content encoded. It can also play videos from USB flash drives. Audio support included, for internet connectivity, upgraded Wifi is built-in and option for the wired connection is also available.

Roku Upgraded Operating System

After Roku 4 media streamer, Roku also introduced the version of its operating system, known as OS7. It comes with various powerful features like menu category dedicated to finding 4K ultra HD streaming content. Also, it has the ability that after upgrading to this OS you can take it anywhere with you. Like, you can use it in any hotel, while traveling or at someone’s house. To use your mobile phone, tablet or laptop you just need to log in and by providing your account info and after following the given info you can easily use.

Mobile App by Roku

To provide more flexibility to its users, Roku has reintroduced mobile app for iOS and Android. This app now offers various exciting features like voice search, Roku device control from the mobile app and it also features duplicating several menu categories that are part of Roku OS menu system.

Moreover, you can now send photos and videos to Roku box by using this mobile app and later you can watch them on TV. Roku provides the ability to add media streaming ability to any TV, depending upon the Roku model you selected. Roku 4 accepts it as a mark with the ability to access 4K streaming content.

For more details on Roku's product or if you are not able to run any device properly, then you can contact to technical support providers of Roku. They are available 24*7 to offer an instant solution of all the problems. Just give a call at Roku technical support phone Number to connect with them.

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