Inside Dynamic Capital, the legitimate Funding Scheme. from Joedawg's blog

Dynamic Capital is the worse company to work for, and even worst if you get funded by them. Dynamic Capital is not the main lender; Dynamic Capital is the middle man, they use and sell merchants' account to third party Lenders (onDeck, Yellowstone, Rapids, Can Capital, Etc...). They will "We not your traditional cash advanced" or "With very reasonable rates" or "The ones that tend to be SO expensive" pitch! But all they really do is call merchants' current lender to extend it, and lowing the payments with more days. In insurance terms it's call "flipping the books".

Dynamic Capital will promise you everything, but really take everything away from you, putting you in more debt; forcing merchants to give it up and going under. Taking an Merchant Cash Advance from Dynamic Capital is literally hanging your business by the balls. So, now you no longer the boss of your own business; Dynamic Capital is now your new boss, well literally their hidden lenders are. 

Dynamic Capital MCA Debt bait system : Imagine giving money to someone, who will let you only see the money that you can't really use. How? As soon as you get your funding they start deducting from your account. eg. $30,000 funded amount, plus fees, plus taxes, plus the rates; that combined or double by DC and the main lender-> now the sum amount is about like $47,000 in subtotal; when you pay it back; it approximate becomes $390 for 120 days or 4 month $46,800 (at the lowest rate) this will be your worst nightmare of business. Now, In English-if Big A Business borrowed $4000 today; and in two weeks, Big A Business will have to pay $6000 but only make $7000 biweekly, now the remaining is equaled $1000 to last two weeks. Can Big A Business survive with the remaining?

Working for Dynamic Capital is like being a slave and pawn at the same time.
Dynamic Capital even pitch and convince their new hire the Dream. Dynamic Capital use unemployed people to continue their dirty business work cycle. This way, DC can always have an excuse for taking merchants' money, "Oh he or she was a new hire but don't worry they no longer work here anymore, I'm sorry" in the wrong way. DC will say to merchants that they've suckered "I told them to do it this way" counter response. Working at DC, you might think; they care about you or they're going to move you up in the ranks of sales; but that's after you've made Dynamic Capital several big deals, by desperate merchants. 

The Dynamic Capital Employee pawn process cycle is about 2 weeks. During the first week starts Stage 1, which you already a FUNDS MANAGER; train and learn the pitch -long paragraph- about sending an application via fax or email to merchants. Call merchants that have been exhausted by calls over and over by different new hires until they give in; which is consider a Hot Lead for Jr Brokers to chase. The marketing scheme, "everybody needs money, so sell them money" is for Fund Managers to follow. But FM will never get paid the commissions promised for any funded leads. During the second week Stage: learn rebuttals - how to turn merchants' Nos into a Yes. Stage 3: learn and watch condones University strategies tutorial, etc...etc.... If you get past these stages, and if Mike or Steve haven't piss you off at this point; then it's make it to the other side, where the so called brokers are making tons of money. 

Junior Brokers are under contract 1099 form. Jr Brokers work off commission closed deals; that comes from the new pawn hire contact calls, called "Hot Leads" from merchants in desperate needs. It's a who will fall for it, Game! The Jr. Brokers come in everyday stressed and pressured to chasing lead, like its really no money, no happiness, or got no life. Cheers to that! But it's SALES, so they got to make that sale or ABC (always be closing) .

Steve or Mike will say things like, "it's freedom on the other side" or "it takes money to make money" just to find out that you've become their possessed sold out soldier. It seems like everyone working under someone's license; mainly Steve's Capital Brokers team license, making Steve's main team wealthy. While Steve DC Gang fools new hires, merchants, and junior brokers; to believe and assume that they will get rich too someday. But in actuality making donkeys out of good people; with a carrot on top, as DC steers merchants and employees into whatever direction they desire. You've been WARN!


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