In the last three rounds of Manchester City against Arsenal from xingwang's blog

In addition, Edson's recent competitive state is very good: In the last three rounds of  FIFA Coins Manchester City against Arsenal, Chelsea, Stoke City's Premier League, the Brazilian goalkeeper has not lost the ball; and De Gea in the last four league games Manchester United have conceded goals in Newcastle United, Chelsea, Crystal Palace and Liverpool. Of course, this is inseparable from the teammates' play. After all, De Gea is often called one person to prop up Manchester United's entire defense, and Edson is in front of it is a bargain-hunting steel defense line.

Edson's outstanding performance has been highly recognized by the club teammates. In an interview with the Manchester Evening News reporter, Manchester City midfielder De Bruyne said: "Edson's play is fantastic, I think he should be able to get the gold gloves. Since this season, Manchester City has the entire league. The most solid defense line, the team has no flaws at present, this reality makes me very satisfied."


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By xingwang
Added Mar 20


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