How to Turn Off HP Printer Notification Pop-Ups? from google_user_373's blog

We understand that it’s really annoying to get pop ups while we are doing some work or we are in hurry to take out print. That is the reason people always look for ways to stop these notifications. Do you also want to stop HP Sure Supply notification pop-ups? This happens when you use different brand of cartridge. You can ask Printer experts to make this task easy for you, you can Consult with expert technician at HP printer helpline number UK if you can’t perform the task on your own else follow the step given below:


• Click “Start” menu and go to Control Panel.

• Now select Devices and Printer, then highlight your OJ 8600 and click on it.

• You will see at the top of the device “Print Server Properties” tab.

• Take the cursor to it and then click on advanced tab.

• Make sure all boxed are unchecked, then click apply.


This will just turn off information messages apart from that you will still receive essential printer messages like lack of ink, paper jam, lost connection and many such. If you are still having trouble in turning off the notification then you can dial us at toll free helpline 0808-101-3524 HP printer customer care number UK. For this issue or any other, we are always there to support you. We offer you will a talented team of young technicians who excel in their field. These technicians can provide instant resolution to you for your concerned query.

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