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There is no denying that you spend a huge amount to buy desirable expensive Bollywood style saree designed by the professionals. And, you are always concerned about keeping the attire safely so your favorite traditional wear can be used for a long time. In this article, you would come to know about a few simple yet very important methods of protecting your favourite saree without losing its charm and shine. Have a look-  

Washing the Saree Properly :- Not every fabric of your expensive saree needs dry cleaning. Fabrics like georgette and chiffon can be easily washed at home, but with proper care. Since both of these are expensive and soft, they need to be handled with care. You can wash your Bollywood style sarees at home with a soft wash of your washing machine. Make sure you do not let the saree to be constantly rolled in the machine for a long time. Applying a short time like 5 minutes would be enough. If the saree is light-colored, make sure you wash them alone.

Folding Once In A While: Generally, women take their sarees off the cupboard, only when they have to attend a function. If you are one among them, you cannot get assured to enjoy the affection of your traditional attire for a long time. Since the saree has expensive fabric, fold them nicely and hold on saree wall mount. Make some time to refold the saree after every 20 days, if it is not in the use. Refolding the saree time-to-time, will not cause sharp crease on it and also assist to prevent from tearing.  


Special Care for Plain Sarees: If you are thinking to buy plain sarees in a pair or already have the same. Pay special care for the same. Washing two different plain sarees can destroy their actual colors and your investment will definitely go in vain. Protect the sarees and increase their lives by washing them partially whether by dipping it in the bucket or washing it with the machine.

Dry Cleaning Some Expensive Fabric: If you have baranasi saree, tussar silk saree, Bhagalpuri saree, or any other kind of expensive silk saree, do not undervalue their cleaning by putting them into your washing machine. Go for dry-clean only. Dry-cleaned silk sarees maintain their shine for a long time. Refold the sarees once in a while to maintain their newness.

Ironing the Sarees Regularly: This may seem weird, but ironing the sarees can help you removing sharp creases that can tear the attire. If you have Bollywood saree of some hard fabrics that easily get the crease, make a day to iron these sarees softly in order for the longevity of the traditional attire.

Fold The Saree In White Paper- Don’t forget silk sarees especially need to be maintained safely. So, one can use white paper or cotton cloth for folding the saree in it to ensure wrinkle-free saree.

No matter you buy plain sarees, embroidered sarees, Bollywood saree, designer saree or another type of, taking care is must.


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