How Can Users Reset Yahoo Password without Phone Number? from jasminlen's blog

What happened are you stuck with the accessing the Yahoo Account? Or have lost your phone and now want to log in? Well there can be any reason which has led you to this way to change or reset your Yahoo password without the Phone Number. Don’t worry there is many ways to solve the issue and you have correctly landed on a perfect place to seek guidance and solve your query.

Yahoo is a free webmail provider that has been in the long run since decades. This is why it has proper security services along with features that ease your way to manage and work properly. If you are worried that you might not be able to access the yahoo account then doesn’t worry because if there is any problem then we have solutions for those issues. You just need to sit and relax we will control everything. You can follow the steps mentioned below to solve your issue. Else you can also do one thing you can connect with us at Yahoo Customer Service Number you will get solutions to your questions.

Consider the following steps to reset the Yahoo password without the Phone Number:

·         Visit the Yahoo Account Sign in page.

·         Now click on “I don’t remember Password” option.

·         Here enter your Yahoo Email ID

Here you will be asked to enter your Yahoo ID that has been made at the time of creating your account. This Yahoo ID is asked first to make sure that you are a valid user of Yahoo.

Click on Password Recovery Option

When you will reach at this step you will be asked with 3 different options from which you need to use and reset the password. The options will be:

·         Sign in Email address or Phone Number

·         Mobile Phone Number Recovery.

·         Alternative Email Address

You can go with any of these above options and after that answering a simple question correctly can help you give your old password. In case you fail to answer the correct option then simultaneously go with the other option for recovery password option.

Well, that’s it we have discussed the way to recover the password without phone number. You can follow the above mentioned steps and solve your problem. In case you have any issue while operating the steps you can directly connect with us and get solutions to your problems. We give support to our users by providing best solutions from our team of experts.


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Added May 15



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