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High Frequency Welding Machine With the last head of the off road welding arc, the Chinese nuclear industry twenty-three Construction Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "nuclear Three"own intellectual property rights CPR1000 director said the first application of automatic welding projects - Ningde Nuclear Power Plant No. 1 Automatic unit director said narrow gap welding work completed recently in Ningde nuclear power plant, which marks the country's first installation in the field of nuclear island full automatic welding of nuclear power construction project success.

It is understood, CPR1000 director said welding process is mainly by drawing on the head of the French N4 Road, welding technology and experience, combined with the company's research director said welding, automatic welding of the pipe groove dimensions involved, selection of welding, welding consumables selection, shielding gas type, non-destructive weld testing, and control group on tolerance, on-site welding logic depth, comprehensive study of the formation of an advanced welding process, the process used in the first round main channel Ningde nuclear welding, welding in the shortening duration, to improve the quality of welding, has made a positive contribution.

Since March, 2010, after the nuclear twenty-three design, nuclear reactors with China Guangdong Nuclear Power Engineering Company to work together Head Road, automatic welding simulation, welders forensics, technology assessment and other preparatory work completed. January 21, 2011, the National Nuclear Security Administration formally approved the application of nuclear power projects Ningde CPR1000 director said narrow gap welding process. January 25, Ningde nuclear power plant in charge said first weld automatic arc welding 1U1 officially lit, marking the main channel narrow gap welding process used in the main channel official site welding. May 25, said in charge of hot and cold section of welding work officially started. Meanwhile, the head of trail weld welding work in full swing.

Throughout the HF Welding process, undertake the construction task EM2 Ningde project team to overcome the data measurement, beveling, welding distortion control, adjust the position of master and many other construction difficulties, after two months of intense operations, respectively, in August 3, August 13, August 19, completed the main channel one, three, the Second Ring Road, all welding tasks in charge of road-related ABN1EM2-016, ABN1EM2-017, ABN1EM2-018 and other milestones have been successfully achieved, for follow-up 1RVP1, 1RCP2 the smooth transfer of the system and 1NCC, 1CFT the work as scheduled to lay a solid foundation.


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By pvcwelding
Added Jan 11 '17



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